Family Spirits With Us?

Nicolas McCabe lost his life during a tornado that surged through an elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma back in May, 2013. Family and friends, however, believe his spirit is with them since his departure. Is he with family to help them through their time of crisis? We believe so.

A photograph taken with a smartphone of his young cousin, Madison, during the 4th of July shows the image of a boy behind the little girl as she waves sparklers:

The Skeptical Opinion
Skeptics believe the cause of the additional ghost face behind Madison is due to her movement, something that is quite common with cameras and exposure times.

However, when examined closely, we feel the faces are not alike and are different in hue - they do not look like the same person at all. In fact, look at their shirts: they are completely different (one is pink, the other is a dark color; one is a tank top, the other is a t-shirt).

The McCabe family had this to say to their doubters:

"It's obviously not Madison. It's obvious there are two people there, or one person there and one spirit there. I believe he's watching over us."

We couldn't agree more.

Thoughts to Consider About "Spirit Family" Being With Us
Through our research and experimentation, we found that loved ones are with us in spirit whether we are aware or not. Through different events that occur in our lives, we may become aware of their presence. When we tune-out the world around us, we are able to tune-in the unseen and those who are with us who teach, guide and comfort.

Some Technical Questions About the Ghost Photo
When we look at this photo that was shared with the world through Facebook by the McCabe family, we have to wonder what caused the young boy's image to be seen in the photo. Was it the optics and settings of the camera (lengthened exposure time, what wavelengths of light could the phone's camera see, etc.)? Also, could the type of light produced by the sparklers have allowed his visage to become visible in the photograph? We wonder. If so, perhaps there is some experimentation that could be done by paranormal investigators to see if such light with different optics and settings might make family in spirit more visible to us.