Ghost in Fire?

Pictures taken at a home in Sweden may reveal a ghost in their fire. Did the fireplace smoke produce the spectral form or is it truly a sentient being?

"It was taken Sunday night. My husband and I were sitting in front of the fire relaxing. My husband took a photo of the fire and you can see what we found. There’s a demon coming out of the fire. 100% real. No messing with the photo." - Amanda

More Behind the Story and Photo
"Our house was built in the late 1960’s on the side of a lake, Ingetorp, in Sweden. There’s a viking burial site at the other side of the lake. The house in on a hillside with forests on three sides. There’s underground streams running under the house. The clocks also changed to winter time on Sunday. Weather conditions are cold, around 8 degrees. After days of heavy rain and flooding, the sky was clear Sunday night. The picture was taken around 23.00 (11PM) or a little later.

Things occasionally happen in the house. One of the most obvious was a black human shadow moving at speed from the lounge, then down a hallway. My daughter and I witnessed this. It was during March, I think, a few years ago around the same time of night. But it was wasn’t so dark outside. That’s when our light night start. That was even scarier as the shadow was so black and solid, moving at an incredible speed." - Amanda

Our Thoughts
The smoke and bricks within the fireplace could have produced the ethereal image of a male figure; but given that Amanda and her daughter have seen a ghost in the home, we cannot rule out haunting. And if you look at the details with the face and collar, the ghost picture becomes even more compelling - fire or no fire!

Also interesting is the information about running water under the home. Water has been noted to either help produce or enhance paranormal types of experiences. Water movement over certain types of stone can create electrical charges that must dissipate - sometimes produce plasma balls. Moving water may enhance ghost activity, according to some experts, essentially assisting ghosts with manifesting in our world.