Spooky Ghost Photos!

Various ghost photos submitted by viewers that may spook or possibly cause you to scratch your head.

2: Graveyard Peeker

Historic St. Luke's Church in Smithfield, VA was built in 1632 (near Jamestown). St. Luke's is the oldest surviving gothic structure and Anglican church in the country. It played a heavy role in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and graves for both can be found within the graveyard. In the spooky photo at right, it appears as though Jessica might have caught something peeking from behind the tree. So what is it?

"I'm not sure what this could be, other than what it looks like, which is either a veiled lady or a lady with very long hair and a thin frame. My children and I went out to St. Luke's Church in order to try out the camera on my...iPhone 4. I started snapping random pictures in order to see if maybe I could catch some little ghosties to show my kids for Halloween. I didn't actually think I would catch anything. The same tree was in other pictures and there was nothing behind it. We were also the only people in the graveyard."

3: Lakeland Shadow Man
Donielle took our next spooky ghost photo using a mobile phone. Look closely in front of that bush: we see a shadow man!

"(I took a picture of this house in the) Lakeland, Georgia area. My mother drove me to different spots...to show me what kind of power tornadoes have. Thankfully, no one was hurt; but many houses were completely demolished. The one pictured had been picked up and set back down, destroying the foundation of the house. Looking at the pictures more closely months later, I noticed a shadow man standing in the left bush. This had been a new house and nobody had been killed in the storm, so I have no earthly clue why he would be there. I can see clearly a full body, including a hat, pants, shoes, and a jacket, possibly a hoodie."

4: Spooky Ghost on Stairs
Old home from the 1800s supposedly had ghost activity happening on the stairs at night. Could this photo reveal the real presence of a ghost in action?
1990s Spooky Ghost Photo

1990s Spooky Ghost Photo
5: A spooky ghost photo, below, was taken at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in the early 1990s. Someone appears behind the co-workers.

6: Ghost in Helicopter
In 1987, a visit to an air museum in the UK ended up being more than one woman bargained for. Mrs. Sayer would later realize that she had encountered an unusual cold area when sitting in the helicopter (it was a hot day). Do you see the super spooky ghost-man sitting next to her?

This real ghost photo was taken without flash at Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England by a friend's husband. The entire roll of film on his camera was blank except this one photo of Mrs. Sayer. Odd, huh? The helicopter's ghost was not made public until 1995.

7: Apparition on Stairs
Poltergeist-type activity was experienced upstairs by a home's owners; downstairs, they captured someone going up the steps. The homeowners reportedly left abruptly, not to return.