Ghost Face Imprint?

An iPad cover is found to have a face imprint on it. Is it from the ghost that haunts their home?

"Over the last five years, I have had lot of spiritual happenings in my house with lights coming on, items moved, a mirror came of the wall (the hook, cord, and mirror were not broken).

Last July, I was sitting in the garden reading a book about the afterlife. I decided to go in the house for a drink and use my iPad. When I went to retrieve it, there, staring at me, was a face on the cover of the iPad. I have no idea who it is. Also I have a photo of a vortex in my kitchen." - Jean

"The face is actually on the outside of the cover. We moved into the house 19 years ago, and we watched the house being built. Activity started about 8 years ago. My mother died 5 years ago, but there was happenings before her death.

I have had the shower come on three times - it always happens when I am alone. I am aware when they are around as I have a tingling feeling - very strange. I have seen the spirits of my mother, my cat, and my father-in-law; they all looked very real. The iPad has not been messed with in any way. I wish I knew who the face belongs to. My husband, only last week, was taking a photo of my new kitchen and a vortex showed up in the photo."