Alton Towers Hall Ghost Picture

A picture taken at Alton Towers Hall shows a ghost, an apparition, forming in front of the windows. The form appears to be feminine - was she looking out the windows of the castle?

All we know about the ghost photograph is that it was photographed during a ghost hunt at Alton Towers Hall with PPI UK ( back in February, 2012. The haunted Alton Towers Hall is located in Staffordshire, England in the small town of Alton.

Alton Towers Hall is purportedly haunted by a lady who wears a black dress and a very big man - both of whom have been seen and possibly photographed during ghost investigations. A man who wears a top hat has also been seen on the grounds. All of these ghosts have been witnessed as apparitions, so incredibly solid in appearance and real that they have been mistaken for people who are alive!