House of Spirits Ghost Pictures

J. from Milton, Ontario, Canada sent us these ghost pictures (one with ectoplasm) and amazing ghost story!

"I have a few pictures that I think you will find interesting. I have an eleven year old son that has been in contact with spirits since the age of two. He is surrounded by six cats in my home, to which he sees everyday. The only thing is though, we don't have cats -- we own two dogs. He and my daughter (she's nine), both see a little boy and girl always walking around our house. My son has the most contact with spirits. For example, he always has a boy around the age of seven watching him brush his teeth in the morning, and sees the girl in his room playing with his toys in the middle of the night, which wakes him from sleep. As for the cats, he said the cats are everywhere sleeping on the sofas, and walking up and down the stairs. I sent you two pictures: one with my daughter making a funny pose. If you look to the right of her, you can see a large orb on the front door. In the other picture, my son had his picture taken in our kitchen; but if you notice there's smoke like visions around him."