Picture of a High Energy Ghost

Dave sent us this super-charged energy picture. The reflection proves the object is not a camera error...

"...took this a couple of months ago at an abandoned house in Carlisle - not far from mine. The only source of light was the flash from the camera. Check out the "reflection" above the railing. I think this is an awesome pic."

"This pic was taken about two years ago with a very high end Sony 8 megapixel camera.  It was in an abandoned house in Carlisle, Ontario, Canada.  My buddy Jake and I just went exploring to check out the old place, took many pics and this was the best of about 250 or so.  As soon as Jake snapped the pic he said that he just saw something weird and felt uneasy; and his camera stopped working.  We tried to view the pic on the camera, but it would not work until we were out of the house.  I also have many strange pics from around the Dundas area - seems to be a hotbed of unusual activity."