Colonial Lantern Tour Ghost Picture

Lauren Cisneros recently snapped this ghost picture while on a colonial lantern tour, a ghost tour. We see quite a few light anomalies taken in photographs. Many times, they can be discounted due to the camera's flash setting (such as "night mode"). This ghost photo is different. You'll notice the orangish-red ghost light is behind the tree branches. If the light was caused by the flash setting, the streak would be over top of the tree itself. Here's Lauren's story about the photograph:

"Taken during a tour at Burial Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, MA with Colonial Lantern Tours of Plymouth. There was absolutely no light behind the tree or near the tree, no red lights of any sort whatsoever. It was taken with a basic digital HP camera. If you zoom in on the picture, you can see an angry face of a man and even a strange face below it."

The question is, "What caused it?"

While we do not feel we are looking at a face (small branches with leaves likely formed facial features), it does appear to be a possible ghost light - an energy anomaly that the camera captured during the ghost tour. Nice!