Ghost Pictures: Black Figure

Black figures are in Christian's ghost pictures he sent us. Each black figure has a close-up for you to study...

"A couple of months ago I sent you some ghost stories about my experiences at my mother's house, and at my house. Well, these are two pictures that were taken at my mother's house. My step dad has seen a little girl walk through the house once; and I saw a little boy and a "shadow ghost." You always have the feeling of being watched when you are alone in the house. I've also seen "mists" out of the corner of my eye, and a "face" looking thing...and I swear I saw my great granddad after he died. My grandma's dead husband died out in the woods behind the house. He was hunting and had a heart attack. My step dad thinks he haunts the house. We were sitting there one day, and the front door flew open all by itself and slammed shut. There was no wind outside, either.

(The first picture) is of my brother, step dad and mom. To the side of my brother's head, on the bookshelf, you can see what looks like a black figure with devilish horns. I didn't notice it at first, and it wasn't there when I took the picture. There is nothing black on the top of that bookshelf. You can also see through the black figure."

About the third picture: "...this one is of my step dad and mom, and my step dad is holding their dog Misty (who is a Pomeranian). To the side of my step dad, in the hallway, there are orbs and other stuff that were not there when I took the picture. My aunt saw the picture and thought it looked like something was leaning against my step dad like a large dog. I didn't see it, until she said that about it. There is also a small orb on my step dad's chin."