Red Flare Ghost Picture

These pictures are not only funny for obvious reasons, but have an interesting red flare that showed up (hopefully not grandma or grandpa showing disapproval - just kidding). We can't explain it...but we bet they didn't miss the wedding.

"I thought you'd enjoy this! My grandma and grandpa (dad's side & mom's side each) had just passed away not too long before my husband and I got married in Sept. 2006. My grandma (whom we loved greatly) was very much looking forward to the wedding. She passed on in February. My grandpa (who had lived hundreds of miles away and wanted to be there, but his health had been bad for quite some time) had passed away a few weeks before we wed. I was recently looking at our wedding pics and noticed something in a few of them. These two that I am sending you really caught my attention. They both have a red image in them, but the first one has a small blue, bright light by my foot at the bottom of the pic. Also in another pic which I did not include there is a small orb by one of our groomsmen's leg. Could they really have been there, 'in spirit?'"