Colony House Mists

Jane Neill-Hancock submitted one of the most stupefying mist ghost pictures we have seen!

"...the end of August 2007 we went on a vacation to Newport, Rhode Island. I submitted pictures before from this trip and you did post one of them. We went on a ghost tour the first Monday night we were there. My daughter and I both had our digital cameras, but with both of them the batteries suddenly ran out - I know now that often happens when a spirit is trying to manifest and draws the energy from the batteries. We were able to only get one or two photos that night. So we went back the next day during the day and strolled along the streets taking photos in the day of the houses that we had learned about during the tour."

"Here is one of them. Believe it or not, I was so busy helping my daughter open and look at her pictures, that there were a lot I took that I never even looked at. This week I opened them and was very pleased and surprised at what I found. This house I think was called the Colony House. It is very old - probably built in the late 1600s or early 1700s. The ghost tour guide had told us of several ghosts that play tricks on the owners of the house and that people have seen ghosts coming in and out of the windows. When I opened the photo - you can CLEARLY see white mist coming out of two windows. This photo is amazing - I can't believe I had it on my hard drive and never looked at it until now! Hopefully you will think it is also as amazing as I did."