Shadow People

Who Are Shadow People?

Shadow people are dark, human shapes typically seen moving at night and the most common form of ghosts that people witness. Shadow people often flee in the presence of people in physical bodies, especially if they realize they have been detected, and are often viewed out of the corner of one’s eye (peripheral vision).

Shadow people are also known as dark shadows or shadow ghosts and probably are the most misunderstood of ghost entities. Shadow is an indication of spiritual condition: it is the absence of light (light in spirituality denotes truth - and darkness would indicate a lack of knowing or fear). In other words, shadow people are disembodied humans who are lost, having not gone forward in life’s journey by refusing to go toward the light that will carry them fully unto the next realm after death of the physical body. Missing this transition, ghosts remain here with those of us on Earth in a temporary state of limbo, so to speak.

Shadow PeopleShadow ghosts are not devils, demons or aliens, as some want to theorize, but people; and how they look to us is most likely due to two factors:

  • their inner condition (state of the soul)
  • how we are able to perceive them in the visible spectrum

Because we fear darkness, many of us have come to believe that shadow people have ill intentions and thus are evil. However, most shadow people are not negative in nature, and are simply lost and in need of guidance to understand their condition. Shadow people have been recorded in video as both adults and children, male and female, but often as people reliving their former lives, being trapped by the mind and remaining as earthbound spirits.

Differing shadow forms have been witnessed of shadow people: big, small, with and without hats, hooded, and even as black mists of vapor (ectoplasm). Often times, shadow people have been seen beside people’s beds (Shadow People Ghost Story), most likely attempting to get a message to a loved one, or possibly as a plea for help. Shadow people are most often seen during the evening, preferring to hide under the cover of darkness. Perhaps this is why.

shadow people!

many shadow people have been observed peeking around corners. If a person has decided to remain as an earthbound disincarnate having not gone unto the light upon their passing from the physical world, then it makes sense that they would continue to try and remain aloof by hiding in the shadows – darkness.

Shadow people are not bound by walls or physical obstacles, as they may choose to move through them. Strangely, some shadow people seem to believe they have to go around physical objects and, perhaps, have not discovered that they can pass through things.

The make-up of shadow people appears to be a dense, light-impenetrable, black static, mass of spirit. Flashlights reportedly will not shine through shadow people, and reports have been given of the shadow person becoming extremely frightened by the flashlight, or possibly, finding out that they were visible to those of us who are fortunate enough to see them. You can read more about this with the Moundsville Shadow Man account.

Interestingly, some shadow people have been described as having red eyes. In some cases of haunting, it was found that evil-appearing shadow ghosts purposely altered their appearance to look non-human in order to frighten people. When the ghosts were confronted, horns and red-eyes did not remain after the ghosts knew they were no longer feared and being communicated with - this was especially true when conversations with the ghosts led to a spirit rescue. Also of note, shadow ghosts of animals have also been reported. 

Shadow people appear to be in a state of suffering, sometimes intense, fearing retribution or confrontation with others who they have wronged in life, or the idea of being condemned to an everlasting hell as punishment for past sins. (It would seem some church doctrines have created people who wish to hide in the shadows, believing they have an uncertain future that could include intense suffering.) Other shadow people hang around due to attachments to people, places and things, perhaps not realizing that their body has died.

In cases of spirit rescue, it has been reported that many a ghost, upon understanding there is a better life awaiting, has willingly moved on unto the light to be with loved ones who were trying to reach them all along. It seems that sometimes shadow people just need our help in moving on beyond the physical world (their past). We feel it wise to note that some shadow people do have ill-intent, however, and willingly have chosen to remain earthbound – even unto attaching to (or, perhaps, possessing) another person. They are usually very adept at making their presence know, manipulating the environment and even altering their appearance. These mean-spirited, negative people still can be helped and do not fully understand that if they choose to move on unto the light, it will mean a healthier and happier existence for them.

The personalities of shadow people, as mentioned previously, can vary from nice to nasty; not any different from people you will meet that are still in bodies! When a person passes, their mental and physical condition will not change until they move into the light with loved ones, as a life-review or cleansing process occurs. After the life-review, the spirits become “clean,” as mis-thinking is purged and truth and understanding is gained. Shadow people are therefore “unclean” spirits, and retain their emotional and physical baggage, so to speak. This will manifest as a distinct personality, mentality, ailment, pain, appearance, etc - and even odor, at times! Shadow people simply seem trapped in their former state and do not appear to advance in age, intellect, or in any aspect of their condition until they choose to turn to loved ones who are with them, who are attempting to bring them forward unto the light and life.

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