Are Orbs & Halos Related?

Orbs & Halos?Recently, we received an article from George D. Stewart ( that correlated modern day orbs captured in photographs with halos formerly depicted in artwork for hundreds of years. What a great concept and one which we believe could have merit and should, at least, be considered. Think about this: What if the old, European Masters who painted spheres or globes of light behind the heads of Christian saints actually based this idea off of sightings of plasma balls of light - orbs? Did they try and correlate orbs with something of spiritual significance?

The following is an excerpt from George's article along with the entire writing, complete with photos, downloadable, in PDF format.

Saints: Past & Present by George D. Stewart

In antiquity, there existed a people considered holy. These were the saints - people who were virtuous and upright. They were easily identified both in the scriptures and in art, by the crown of light called the halo. Often referred to as the "nimbus" in art, the halo was a gift from God and considered a symbol of the individual’s righteousness. 

What was not understood until recently was that the halo was actually a spirit. These spirits, assuming their natural spherical shape, were often depicted in art as disks, rings and sometimes more accurately defined as a cloud or mist about the head. These were the Holy Spirits.

In modern times, the saints and their spirits continue to be the subject of the photographic artist. With the advent of digital imaging and the internet, photographs of the saints abound. What were once paintings of the saints and their halos has been replaced by images of assumed ordinary people and their orbs.

Download the complete article entitled: Saints: Past & Present