Shadow Ghosts: What are Shadow Ghosts?

Shadow ghosts are people, too.

Shadow ghosts have been seen by more people, than probably any other ghostly form that one can imagine. But what are shadow ghosts?

Shadow Ghosts

Myths and Misinformation Concerning Shadowed Beings

Superstitions surround shadow ghost sightings as people tend to believe they are always 'evil.' Because shadow ghosts are dark in color or even black, western society immediately associates them with being negative in nature, as we were taught that the man dressed in 'white' is the good guy (think old westerns here) and the guy wearing 'black,' therefore, must be the bad guy. From this incorrect assumption, people think that shadow ghosts are always bad (e.g. demons or devils), something other worldly (e.g. an extraterrestrial or time traveller), or someone floating about while out-of-body during sleep or while astral traveling.

While some theories about shadow beings are not unworthy concepts toward an explanation, they do not account for the fact that most shadow ghosts seem to be attached to a location, are repeatedly witnessed by more than one person and can even make their presence known during the day (while most people are not sleeping). From the evidence, can we deduce what shadow ghosts just might be? We believe so as the evidence is overwhelming.

Different Names for Shadow Ghosts

Depending who you talk to, shadow ghosts are called different names to describe the same specters. They are also known as shadow people, dark shadows, shadow beings, shades, dark entities, phantoms, black mists, or black ectoplasms. Some even call them djinn (genies), as their descriptions seem similar to the spirits found in Islam and ancient arabic theology. See Islam Ghosts.

One thing is for certain: Shadow ghosts do have some similarities that we can discuss that may point to what, or better yet, who they are.

Shadow Ghost Behavior

Shadow ghosts seem to love darkness more than light as they often use dimness as cover to hide within. They may appear to us as 'sneaky,' often observing from the shadows or seen peeking out or running into dark cover.

Dark Shadow Ghost Form in KitchenShadow ghosts are typically darker than normal shadows and light does not usually shine through their black static form. Sometimes they are seen in human shape but can also be observed as a black mist or cloud that is moving, without a recognizable form.

Shadow ghosts are usually perceived to be male, yet they have been observed as female and even as children; thus, their heights vary from quite short to very tall. They have also been seen wearing clothing, hats (especially top hats or fedoras), or even as hooded. We receive reports of a shadow ghost wearing a hood - but this perception can be a misidentification. Sometimes the 'hooded ghost' ends up being the long dark hair of a female ghost, the covering surrounding or shrouding her face.

If seen, shadow ghost eyes may be reported as dark or red, while the faces of them have been seen as either formless or even pallid.

Shadow entities may not easily be recognized as human when they are moving. This may account for many of the 'black clouds' reported by observers. They seem not to have boundaries as shadowed forms have been observed disappearing through walls or interacting on sites of ruins, as if the buildings were still there.

The most common place to see a shadow ghost is within a home or building, it would seem, but they have been viewed outdoors and within forests. The most important thing we can glean from this is that shadow ghosts prefer the cover of darkness - shadow - as it provides a place to hide. But, why do many shadow ghosts hide?

Shadow Ghosts: Unlocking the Mystery

After studying shadow ghosts for years, we believe that most shadow ghosts are truly, ghosts: people who have died and upon their passing did not transition forward and away from the earth plane but remained behind, interacting with the those here. Instead of moving unto "the light," they found themselves still trapped here due to what could be a variety of reasons. Maybe shadow ghosts do not understand they died, or have unfinished business here to do. Perhaps, shadow ghosts are just people who are afraid of eternal punishment, as they were falsely taught this by someone when alive.

Shadow ghosts could also be people who are suffering from earthly addictions and need to fulfill their lusts; or people who feel helpless and hopeless; or people who are searching for family or friends; or even people who are trapped in trauma that occurred to them and are still living in the year and day that their bodies died. The reasons could be many when one considers what causes earthbound spirits to stay here among people in physical bodies, so we must consider shadow ghosts as people who are in some form of trauma and need assistance in moving on and continuing their life journey.

Banning Shadow Ghost FormJust because shadow ghosts are dark or black, does not make them negative; even if they are in some state of trauma. Ghosts can be loving, playful, looking for help, and yes mean-spirited, just like people who have bodies! The demeanor of shadow ghosts will vary just like the personalities of people on earth differ. So, it is important to view ghosts as people who are lacking understanding of their own condition. The ghosts around us could just be family members or friends who have had difficulty in life and are still with us looking for answers. Ghosts that interact with us are simply spirits needing help to get back on track within the spirit world.

If shadow ghosts prefer darkness rather than light, then it is most likely due to the darkness or fear within them that they are choosing to conceal. Why would someone do that? Why would a person decide to remain hidden in the shadows and hide from the living? If we think about hiding, we do it so we cannot be found. Being found means that we must be revealed, and if a shadow ghost...or person is hiding fears, self-condemnation, guilt, shame, or whatever within, then it is hard to expose one's self to light - to the truth. We fear judgment, ridicule and emotional trauma; and by doing so, put ourselves within our own prison that our mind is powerful enough to create. We create walls to hide behind, and effectively judge ourselves more harshly than another could ever do to us.

Shadow GhostsHow can we recognize shadow ghosts, people who are around us who need our help? Well, we must first learn to be observant. Many times when people have a feeling of being watched, they could be in the presence of another person hiding in the shadows who is observing them. Shadow ghosts react to and with people. They have been observed playing with each other and with children, often as "imaginary friends." Often, shadow ghosts are seen in low-light conditions and out of the corner of the eye. Our peripheral vision does not focus, and therefore is excellent in detecting movement and may actually be improved in lower light environments. So to see a shadow ghost, we must be in a place where one or more are present; we must be patient; and it is best to be looking toward a place of low light, such as a doorway or window. If a shadow ghost moves past the slightly lighter area, it will easily be detected during movement. When we take photographs, look for shadows that are not cast properly and seem out of place, often appearing very dark, black, cloud-like or even as partial human shapes. Lastly, if we "sense" fear while looking for a shadow ghost, it may not be our own fear; perhaps we are sensing the fear of the person hiding in the shadows, so be tuned into the environment.

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