Shadow Ghost Stories

Read accounts of shadow ghosts sent to us and draw conclusions from the stories. Shadow ghost encounters provide background into what moving shadows could be.
When we look beyond our own fear, we will find that shadow ghosts have human characteristics in most ghost stories of first hand accounts. That is why they are often referred to as "shadow people."
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More About Accounts of Shadow Ghosts
Shadow ghost stories are probably some of the most popular and most common ghost story people share. Yet, shadow ghosts are not like your typical ghosts associated with Halloween. It seems that seeing a solidly dark figure moving that usually does not have a recognizable face, creates the idea in people's minds that shadow ghosts are something dark, thus evil, and should be feared. Many will look at shadow ghosts in these stories as demons, or devils coming to sweep people away to hell, but this way of thinking is not correct when it comes to shadow ghosts. The thing we should gather from shadow ghost accounts is that they usually fear the living.
Shadow ghost stories do provide some basis of understanding, but we can also look at this subject deeper. We recommend reading our article about this topic and take a look at some dark shadow ghost pictures. This way, you may come to a better understanding of shadowed ghosts and not succumb to fear and superstition regarding the same.

Summary of the Stories
Shadows Ghost Story 
She sees small and large shadow ghosts in this story!  They can move at the speed of thought, so this is why they appear so fast moving...
Scary Shadow Ghost
Shadow ghost girl appears in a bedroom at night.
Shadow People Story
Turns out the dark spirit is an elderly woman in this shadow ghost story...
A Shadow Ghost Story
This shadow ghost story shows how you can detect  a shadow ghost in low light, by watching doorways or windows from a distance.
Little Girl Shadow Ghost
Good story of encounters with the mischievous 
Shadow Ghost Story
This story reveals that a shadow out of place could be a ghost!
Shadow Person Story
Poor fellow wakes to find a shadow ghost staring... 
Shadow Man Ghost Story
Polly's account of her shadow ghost encounter!
Half Shadow Man Story
Seen out of the corner of...