Shadow Ghost Story

by Taylor of Imlay City, Michigan...
I was at a friend's house and we were taking a walk around her yard (which is huge and we had nothing better to do).  She was telling me about how she had a psychic person come to her house and say that she had one or two ghosts in her house.  One is a little girl for sure (my friend has had numerous encounters with her), and she likes my friend's room - her closet the best.  I told her before we left out the door, how I had always hated her closet and the huge window right next to the front door.
We were home alone, and my friend was right next to me when I saw it.  I saw it not in the corner of my eye like always, but I was staring right at it.  When I looked at the window I hate, I saw an all black shape - like it was a shadow of a person.  It was tall, and staring at us. Then it very quickly ran straight into where the wall was.  I said my friend's name, and she took one look at me and looked in the window.  She knows that when I'm scared, I put both of my hands on my mouth, and I don't look away from the frightening sight.  My hands were shaking, and she said she didn't see anything.  After a while, we went back in the house and only her pets were there.  Her dog is too short to reach the window, and the shadow was walking like a normal person on two feet. The rest of the pets were cats; obviously too small for the window.  
This was so scary for me, because I have heard things (many things), but have never seen things.