Shadow Man in Our Home

Shadow Man in Our HomeTrue shadow ghost account from RFR...

On an early Sunday morning in mid May, 2012, sun shining as you wish it would everyday, I stood in my bathroom that is attached to my bedroom, getting ready for the day, looking in the mirror. The TV was off, but I had the radio on at a low volume. Shades were drawn and lights were off in the bedroom.

I noticed movement in my peripheral vision, to the left of me, in my bedroom. I looked out to the room, seeing nothing; looking up at the mirror, reflecting out to my bedroom, stood a 7+ foot shadow of a huge man from the waist up! At the angle I was at, it reflected the bedroom perfectly. He was as solid black, as black as I’ve ever seen, nothing on his body, as if he was naked. I knew it was a man just by the huge build he had. There were no facial features, and he looked like he had on a wet suit from head to waist.

As he saw me watching, he bent over at his waist and ran into my closet! He moved so fast that the whole incident was probably 4 seconds in duration. He seemed to be hiding from me so as to not let me see him. As I stood shaking and numb, dropping my toothbrush and getting toothpaste and water all over the floor, walls and door, I couldn’t breath. It was the most terrifying moment in my life.

After what seemed to be hours, I finally got the courage to leave the room and call my husband to come home. I will remember every detail without flaw for the rest of my life. I was home alone, of course, and had no witness to what I saw. I have felt for many years my closet is the portal for them. I can’t tell you why I feel that way -- just a feeling.

Shadow captured in photo...From reading several descriptions, I found this (on the Internet) about Shadow Ghosts:

"Type C: Shadows appear in human form and some have been witnessed wearing a hat. They usually are seen appearing up to 8' in height. Most are seen in homes but have also been observed outdoors, typically from afar. The general hypothesis is that shadow people are indeed ghosts in one type of manifestation. Some claim that shadow ghosts are demonic spirits or creatures, but that doesn't appear to be the case when investigated more deeply."

I saw the most difficult form people see! This amazed me that this description of Type C matched perfectly to what I experienced. Of course when you see something you can’t explain, you search and search for the reason or cause. Investing in quite a few items for ghost hunters, K2 Meter, OviX, Rem Pods, etc., I have gotten proof that I believe correlates to my shadow ghost person. I have seen the Rem Pod light up in my bedroom by the closet when I am 10 feet away. There is someone invisible to the eye that sits on our bed at the foot end. My husband and I have both witnessed this.

Note: Photos on this page were taken inside the home where the shadow man has been seen by RFR.