Scary Shadow Ghost Story

A ghost story sent by Lenore M.
I've only had one concrete experience with a ghost, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life so far. I hope I'm not imposing, but I would like to share it.
Ironically, it was on spring break vacation, I went to visit my aunt in Idaho, and had brought along two friends of mine, Joyce and Jen. They did not experience what I did but it was enough to freak them out just by telling them what I had seen. From what I know, Jen was hanging out in my aunt's living room with my cousin who was staying the night with us, and Joyce was in their bedroom next to mine getting ready for bed. My aunt and mother had gone out for the evening. I do remember falling asleep briefly with the bedroom light still on, and suddenly it turned off.  I woke immediately and yelled for Joyce, who came in at once.  I asked her if she had turned it off, and she said she had and that I had fallen asleep. I said it was fine and laid back down again, and she returned to the spare bedroom. I lay there for a few moments feeling uneasy, unable to go back to sleep, and for some reason I suddenly looked to my right toward the door. The door was standing about 3/4 open, and someone was standing behind it.

A girl, from what I could see clearly, with long hair and very thin arms and hands.  The strange part was that she looked like a shadow, she blended right in with the shadow of the dresser next to the door! She lifted her arms, which was when I saw her hands, and brought them level with the door, and the door steadily shut, her hands never leaving them as if she were making a point to lock me in! I sat straight up watching this, unable to move I was so afraid! I don't know how, but I managed to roll over back onto the bed, covered my head with the blankets and thought "God please make it go away whatever it is make it go away!!" over and over, and when I got the guts to look up again, the girl was gone but the door was still shut, only perhaps an inch of room between the door and the latch in the frame. I sat up and shrieked for Joyce, and she came in yelling "what now?"  I asked if she had shut my door. She told me quite clearly that she had been getting ready for bed and that no one had come up the hallway or near the bedroom door (they would have had to walk right past her to reach my room). I told her what I had seen, and all she said was "Shut up, you're freaking me out!" and ran from the room without another sound. I laid back down again and went back to sleep, covers still over my head.

The next morning I told my cousin and Jen what I had seen. My cousin's reaction was identical to Joyce's: "Okay, shut up, you're kinda freaking me out!" Then the two of them promptly took off from the room. Jen, however, stayed behind and talked with me about it, clearly freaked out but afraid to talk.
After my experience, I told my aunt about it and asked if she had ever heard of her house being haunted or anything horrifying happening there. She told me that she didn't know of hauntings, but that the person who had lived there some time ago had a son and a daughter, and the son used to abuse his younger sister, hanging her out the windows in MY bedroom by her feet and such other horrible acts. I was purely shocked to hear this, but it seemed to make my experience even more concrete, not hallucination or dreaming. I knew she was not my imagination, because the door was still shut after she was gone. 
I haven't found anymore information on the family; my aunt tried to find out, but it hit a wall.  I'm disappointed, but not at all sorry that I experienced this, even if I was scared out of my mind.