Shadow Person Ghost Story

by Joshua L.

Around April or May I found that I was going to sleep every night very scared. I did not know why I should be scared but I was.

One evening I woke up at around three in the morning. I was very scared, so I did not open my eyes. Needless to say I felt almost forced to do so, my body was almost "frozen" in place, due to the amount of fear I had. I looked towards the end of my bed and noticed a dark figure of a man, standing there looking at me.

I knew at that point it could'nt have been anyone in my house. I lived in the basement we had finished, so I would have heard anyone coming down the stairs. I tried so hard to shut my eyes, but I simply could not. I cant even compare the fear I had to anything else.

I finally managed to shut my eyes for a few minutes, but again I felt almost forced to open them. When I opened them, I saw the same figure, except it was very close to my face and looking at me. After this point, I cant remember what happened, so I think I must have passed out because of being so terrified.

Since then I have moved out of my dad's house and have been much better, but I still get tears in my eyes when I tell someone what happened to me. Nothing so far comes close to the fear I had experienced.