Shadow Ghost Touch

What does a shadow ghost feel like if touched? This encounter describes just that!

Shadow Ghost Touch"This (the following) is a slight traumatic experience I have been through:

I can't remember the exact time of day (when the event occurred); but I know it was barely bright outside, so maybe, early morning. I had woken up to get something to drink. I got up and walked a few steps away from my door. When I was about to turn the corner, I saw a very dark figure - dark as night."

"I stood there looking into it for a short while, and something kept telling me to touch it. I don't know why I would do that, but I did. I stuck my hand into blackness, and my entire hand was swarmed with the feeling of what seemed like small, painful pulsing shocks that crept up my arm. 

I can't remember anything that happened after that, but I keep seeing black figures whereever I go now. I know for sure it wasn't a dream." - EmberxxBrassblade