The Hat Man

Many have reported having an encounter with a frightening, dark shadow man that wears a hat. The 'hat man' always seems to invoke intense fright when seen by witnesses. The following hat man story was received from Rachele Watson.

The Hat Man - Shadow StoryWhen I was a child, I always had extremely vivid nightmares in color and detail.

When I was around 12, my parents moved my bedroom to the basement. Immediately I began to have nightmares, and they were about the other bedroom in the basement. There were monstrous creatures in there, so horrifying and impossible for my young imagination to have come up with - things I had never seen before.

When I had a nightmare, I would have to run past that room, up the stairs and to the couch. It felt like something was chasing me every time. And it only got worse until, as a young adult, I refused to sleep in my room downstairs. I slept on the couch upstairs every night.

I always thought there were spirits and things even more malevolent than that. Fast forward to a year and a half ago: my daughter went over to my mom's house to clean one day. She was alone in the house, and she told me she saw something in the kitchen. Knowing that she knew how I felt about the house, I just dismissed it to her imagination and fears. I didn't even ask her to describe what she saw.

A few months later we lost our house and had to move into my mom's home for four months. My parents moved in with my sister so we could have the house to ourselves. After losing my house, I then lost my vehicle (believe it or not, that hurt me worse than losing the house). I cried for two weeks straight. It truly was the worst time in my life. And it was then that I saw him.

The Shadow Man Encounter

I was walking out to the deck in the backyard. You have to open a door that leads to basement stairs, then another door that leads to the garage and to the deck. I opened the first door and initially saw him out of the corner of my eye. So, I turned to look at him straight-on; and he did not disappear. The shadowed man just continued to walk slowly up the stairs with his head down like he was watching where he was stepping. I believe he was hiding his eyes.

I couldn't believe what I saw and, out of fear, I opened up the next door and stepped out into the garage. I shut the door and, as I looked in the window on the top of the door, I watched his dark form walk past the window, his shadow blocking out my reflection. I had a bright shirt on, making it very easy to see my reflection; but I couldn't see any of my reflection when he walked past the door and into the wall to the backyard where I was heading.

I saw him in detail, from the torso up. I don't remember seeing his legs for some reason. He wore a brimmed hat, a long trench coat and he hid face. When I got to the deck, I sat down and looked over at the screen door.There, etched out of the screen, was a perfect outline of his hat. Now I know my mom's Boxers scratched the bottom part of it, but there is no way they could have made the top part of the hat. 

Hat Man Long Black Trench CoatI then remembered my daughter telling me that she had seen something, too. So when she got home from school, I asked her to describe what she saw (without telling her what I saw), and she described the exact same being. I then knew it was time to find out what this thing was so I Googled what I saw: "black shadow man wearing wide brimmed hat and long trench coat" and up popped his picture. The hairs on me, everywhere, stood on end.

Another Hat Man Sighting

I did see him one other time while staying at mom's. It was dusk - just dark enough to create a shadow. I was sitting in the car in the driveway when I saw a tall shadow on the side of the house. I assumed, at first, someone was walking by but then realized that a person could not have made such a tall shadow. So I jumped out of the car to see if anyone else was around, but nobody was there. And this is at the very end of a cul-de-sac. 

I believe the hat man is trying to make life so stressful that I either lose my faith, go insane or both. And from all the research I have done, no one claims to know how to get rid of him. I can't take much more. I'm tough but everyone has their breaking point. I included the pic of the hat on the screen door.

Since the first sighting, I have done hours upon hours of research. Everything that I learned was reiterated by a credible medium. I believe he (the hat man) has been with me off and on since I was a child, feeding off my negative emotions. I also believe he has caused much of the bad luck and health issues I've had in the last four years...the misfortune seems to be getting worse along with my health.

A few months ago my 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend were home alone at night for a few hours. They were watching Netflix in her room upstairs when they both suddenly heard loud footsteps walk up the stairs and into the hallway. Her boyfriend grabbed a baseball bat and went looking for an intruder. No one was in the house. I believe, contrary to some beliefs, that spirits can indeed follow you. We are living only six or seven blocks away from my mom's house.

A week ago (prior to this writing), my daughter had to house and dog sit for my mom. So she offered to stayed with her, and they both had dreams that were similar: being chased by three human-like animals. Two of the three were the same animals in both of their dreams!

Final Note

There have been many theories about the hat man and, especially, whether or not he is a ghost at all. Could he be a time traveler? An alien being? Or is hat man some other form of non-human entity that is up to no good and evil?

It should be noted that the above theories are not fact but purely speculation. What is fact is that people are having experiences with a dark shadow man that wears a hat.

It is possible that there are many hat men, that they could be shadow forms, human ghosts, exhibiting frightening appearance, abilities and behavior - maybe even attacks. To date, we do not have a concrete answer but just our suspicions.


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