Little Girl Shadow Ghost Story

A ghost story sent by PJ...

I guess this all started last summer. On occasion I would see a glimpse, or a shadow of something, or someone in the hallway, and I would just dismiss it as me just being tired.

It started at night time. I would hear something and think my son was awake, fell out of the bed, or was walking down the hall. Seeing how I didn't get home from work until real late, I was always up. But, every time I'd check it out, it wouldn't be anything and he would be sound asleep. I just blew it off to me being tired; then a few things started being out of place, but I just thought it was my 'Mini Me' (that's what I call our son), or Jim had moved things. So of course I never said anything to anyone.

Then the 'shadows' started appearing more often and took a clearer form, if you will, of a little girl about the age of 3 or 4. Lights began being turned off and on by themselves. Last month, I even called the power company out, thinking maybe we were having power surges or something; but they found nothing wrong. Actually I called them out twice, and they said the same thing both times, "There's nothing wrong."

Things were moved. Pictures turned the wrong way. I know exactly how I keep everything in my home. Then this morning, I woke up to the noise of the door to the laundry room being shut and opened, over and over. At first I dismissed it as Mini Me being up and about; but then I remembered he's in Louisiana and I am home alone. I thought, "Oh Crap!" and jumped out of bed and the laundry room door was shut. Chills ran down my spine. The doors were locked. The light was on over the stove in my kitchen, and one lamp in the living room was turned on. Again I dismissed it, and went on to the bathroom for morning rituals; and when I returned, the lights were off! The light in my bathroom went off and on three times this evening while I was in there. Again I was home alone, and freaking out at this point.

I seriously don't think I'm crazy, but then again most psychologically challenged people say they are sane. I swear I'm not insane and I'm not on drugs; well not illegal ones anyway. I've always believed in ghosts or spirits but have only had one other encounter about ten years ago with that of a little girl as well. Is it possible for ghosts and spirits to attach themselves to you, somehow, and follow you from one State to another?

I don't feel threatened in any way. The "happenings" it seems are that of a child playing. It's weird. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? If so please share.

Night before last we were eating dinner, when all of a sudden a picture on the wall in the dining room just fell and scared the helck out of all three of us. I got up to inspect and the nail was still in the wall, with no damage at all to the picture or it's hanger. Weird huh? Wait, there's more. Yesterday morning after 'Twosteps' left for work, I was sitting there in bed, had just turned the TV on when one of his caps flew (yes flew) off the wall. It freaked me out. It didnt just fall; it landed like three feet away from the wall. "OK." I'm thinking, "No biggy. It just fell." Again, no explanation; so I put it back in it's place. I blew it off and again went on with morning rituals, and the light switched off in our bathroom. Ok this crap is not funny now! About thirty minutes later, Mini Me was up and neither one of us felt good. He was in my bathroom flossing and we were talking when I heard something from within the bedroom. It was the same cap that had earlier flown off the wall and onto the floor again. How did I hear this in our bathroom, over the television, over our conversation (more of a yelling match, trying to pursuade him into flossing) and with our floor being carpeted? Hhhmmm! I dunno, but it freaked me out. I made Mini Me hang the cap back up that time, and didn't say anything about what had happened earlier to me. Now, last night we (Two Steps, Mini Me and myself) were all piled up in the living room engrossed in the tube, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye; not once, but twice. It wasn't the same little girl I have been seeing for quite some time, but she was about 10 or 11 years old.

Well things are still happening on a regular basis...quite a bit this week. Ok, we went into town earlier. Before we left, I was back in Mini Me's end of the house telling him to get ready and what not. To make a long story even longer, we left and returned home about an hour or so ago to find his bathroom door locked from the inside. We had to take the door knob off to get in. What you guys don't get is that we are not a modest family and bathroom doors are never closed. That was freaky, even Mini Me thought it was...