Shadow Ghost Story

by Leslie C.
One night, my dad and I were walking around an old graveyard on a summer night. As I got close to one of the oldest graves, I heard a whisper behind me. I thought it was my dad playing jokes. I yelled, "Dad, stop whispering in my ear!" but I turned around, and he was at a distance where I couldn't possibly hear a whisper from him.
Then I felt my body go cold...
...and then, another whisper.
I felt like something was sticking needles into my back. At first I thought it was pins and needles, but then I realized you don't get that feeling in your back. So, I turned around. And there, right in front of me, was a shadow with nothing there to make it. It was a shadow on the ground in the open and nothing to make it!
I ran as fast as I could toward my dad and said in a panic, "Dad, there's a shadow over there!"
So?" my dad replied.
"No, there's nothing there to make it!"
So we both walked over to the grave and there was nothing there.  "B-b-b-ut there was a-a-a-a shadow a-a-a-nd there was n-n-nothing to make it," I stuttered.
"Yeah, sure there was," he said sarcastically.
"N-n-n-n-no, you d-d-d-dont was a shadow!" I sounded like a nervous wreck (which I was).
"Well let's leave.  It's getting late," he said.
After that night, I never returned to the graveyard except at daylight. I don't know if it was you think it was?