Famous Ghost Stories

The following are famous ghost stories for you to enjoy, historically speaking.  They are some of the best, legendary ghost stories that are in the public domain. We have chosen seven of them for your reading enjoyment.

Famous ghost stories are worth the read. Edgar Allen Poe wrote most of the ghost tales we've recommended above, but truly, he is an American, master story teller of the dark and spooky.

A few ghost stories evolve from urban legends. Eventually, they may become "classics" if they are well-written, well-thought out, and contructed to frighten the reader. And if they are really good, some stories of ghosts become infamous even to the point of affecting our culture, haunting us to the point of self-reflection.

Enjoy the writings found here, knowing they might scare you. And if you find your mind troubled by them, remember that they have little basis from fact. They are simply the imaginations of men, originally scrawled upon paper.