Scary Ghost Stories

Sometimes, we just want to enjoy a good and scary ghost story to make us think!
Over the years, we have collected some good scary ghost stories that we thought we would share with you. You may find that though they are scary, these ghost stories may also provide insight into the afterlife and spirits...

Why We Like to Be Scared
We only included several scary ghost stories in this section, as most all of our ghostly accounts are spooky in some fashion. Just explore our ghost stories section by category, and you'll see what we mean.
Why do people enjoy scary ghost stories? Some psychology professors believe human beings find enjoyment in being scared by ghastly tales because they enable our brains to "work through" how we might react if given a similar situation. So think about that: When reading a scary story, we just may be preparing ourselves to be able to handle seeing a ghost ourselves; or we may be seeking to understand a condition that all of us must face one day - life after death.
Scientists have a different idea as to why scary ghost stories intrigue us: hormones. While reading stories of frightening ghost encounters, the human body can release hormones, creating an "adrenaline rush," producing heightened senses, increased strength and heightened intuition. It's called the "fight or flight" response, and it comes to us naturally when experiencing fear even when not posing a real-life threat!

Some Details About Our Scary Ghost Tales
Scary Shade Story 
Paul Dale Roberts gets spooked by a shadow ghost while in Marysville.
Crying Baby Ghost Story
Creepy ghost story about New Jersey's bridge...
Spooky Cottage Story
Scary ghost story about a haunted cottage they rented
Tracy's Scary Ghost Story
She shares her frightening experiences...
Scaring Me Ghost Story
Spooky movement of an object feaks her out good!
Life of Scary Ghost Stories
She had a couple scary ghost encounters!
Short Scary Ghost Story 
Three small experiences of scary ghost contact...
Spooky Ghost Story 
This is a very good ghost story and a must read!
Creepy Night Ghost Story
Scary ghost story about a haunted apartment!