Cry Baby Bridge Ghost Story

from Abbey

I was in the car with my friend and her mother, and we were just taking a ride for the heck of it. It was March in the year 2005, and I remember that it wasn't specifically cold that day, but it was a little misty and dark. We were getting bored, just riding around the neighborhood, so my friend's mother suggested we try to test a legend about a bridge in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The legend goes:

"Many years ago, sometime in the 19th century, there was a farmer who lived with his pregnant wife. They lived in a nice house next to a creek with a bridge overtop. They had a happy life, with little disagreements. The couple seemed to be doing well in the world, and the baby finally arrived. They were excited for the new arrival, but after just a few nights of listening to his wife tend to the baby, the farmer grew insanely jealous that he wasn't getting her love. One night, when the baby was crying very loudly, he went into the room and grabbed the child from her crib. He made his way down to the creek and threw the baby in, then went in and grabbed his wife and killed her, as well. The legend says that if you drive down to that house on a foggy day and stop on the bridge, you will hear the baby crying, then the baby and mother will try to push your car off the bridge."

We arrived at the destination in about an hour. We were growing a little bit anxious when we approached the house and bridge, but continued on for curiosity's sake. My friend's mother is not a skiddish person, and is actually a very good driver, so we were sure she wouldn't play a trick on us. She stopped the car in the middle of the small bridge, and we waited. After about one minute, we heard a faint sound coming from down the creek. It did indeed sound like a baby's cry. We sat there with our jaws hanging, listening to the sound. Just as we were about to step on the gas pedal, we felt a huge jolting on the left side of the car, followed by another attempt. We immediately raced off onto the dirt road ahead, and heard our own hearts pounding.

I will never forget that experience, and I will never go back to that bridge.