Possessed by a Ghost Story

A man finds out he is possessed by the ghost of a relative.

by Anonymous

Possessed by a Ghost StoryI came across your site after I spent considerable time Googling 'ghost research' and several other keywords like 'paranormal,' etc.

It was only after I looked up 'black ectoplasm' that I come across your website which I found to be more educating and authentic than most of the ghost sites.

I'm a male, 35 years of age, a resident of India.

Granduncle Ghost Cop

My granduncle was an honest cop who had rubbed shoulders with rich industrialists. He was murdered while on duty by thugs who smashed his skull with iron rods. This happened way back in the 70s.

I was born in 1980. My parents never had a clue that the ghost of the cop inhabited my body since birth. As far as I am concerned, I too never had the inkling that some entity was with me.

In the year 2000, while training as an aircraft maintenance engineer, I found myself at a vantage point to see something illegal and dangerous. I intervened and this resulted in one of the participants trying to attack me. It was at that point I felt someone emerge from (within) me and zap the assailant. When this happened, I was at some distance from the person who was trying to harm me.

Scary Description of the Ghost

I was not able to resolve the incident until several years later. I saw the ghost of my granduncle clearly one night when a shadow entity came to my location to settle a score with me. This entity was of one of the people associated with the conspiracy I nullified. Shortly before the shadow appeared, I saw the cop walking towards me from behind. He was glowing, still in his uniform and face blanked out. This ghost, I believe, has the capability to produce so high EMF that he can kill any assailant.

I want to know how I can communicate with this ghost. I need him to manifest at large distances from me to deter my enemies from planning an attack on me for I have enemies since the year 2000.