Ghost Story: Scary Times

by Unknown

One time when me and my friend were sitting in the kitchen, the cloths on the wall started moving; and we were the only ones there. My mom went to the store, and she took my little sister with her...and my older sister was with her friend. We got really scared, so we ran outside. And then when we looked in my mom's window, we saw this face-thing in her window. We screamed so loud.

There was another time when my mom was home, and both of my sisters were there, too. We had a Halloween box on top of a shelf, and it was pushed all the way back to the wall. All of a sudden, it just fell. We have no clue what made it fall, but it was very spooky.

Another time when I was in my bathroom brushing my hair, through the vent I heard someone say something, while everyone else was downstairs. It sort of sounded like the voice said, "Get out" (or something that had to do with that). I ran downstairs crying, and my mom just laughed at me. My aunt was the only one that believed me.