Poltergeist Ghost Stories

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Poltergeist ghost stories tell of noisy and, oftentimes, disturbing haunting.

The word, poltergeist, means "noisy ghost;" thus, many ghost stories about poltergeists center around noises and the movement of objects.
Many stories of poltergeist-type phenomenon center around a teenage female.  Some believe the supernatural disturbances may be unwittingly created by the young lady, psychicly, somehow. Others believe that noisy ghosts are just that: ghosts who move objects and make disturbances to gain our attention or garner help from the living.
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Poltergeist Ghost Haunting Information 
Article written about poltergeists and the theories surrounding them.
Noisy Calling Poltergeist
Ghost story about noises and manipulation of objects around teenaged girls.  Is this evidence of poltergeist haunting?
Paranormal Phenomena
Poltergeist-like activity within a home...
Poltergeist Ghost Story
Very good ghost story from the perspective of the woman who was a teenager who caused the poltergeist phenomena to occur in her home!
Poltergeist Movie Ghost Story 
This is actually a documentary of a poltergeist in action as filmed by famed ghost investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Poltergeist Ghost Stories
More About Poltergeists
Poltergeist ghost stories have been passed around since the time of the Romans, and the phenomena has been reported world-wide. Stories of the poltergeist causing, noises, thrown objects, items to be moved, horrible odors, and more, are typically frightening as they seem to revolve around what is perceived as possible personal attack.  
poltergeist-type haunting usually begins without warning and ceases just as suddenly. Most poltergeist ghost stories do center around a young female, who is believed to be either the focus of the noisy ghost's activity, or is possibly unknowingly creating the phenomena telepathically. However, a young female does not have to be part of the story for this type of ghost disturbance to occur.