True Ghost Story

Tayla Newton's poltergeist ghost story. It's true.

One peaceful night, my family and I were all asleep, and the time was 12:00 AM. My father had gotten up to go to the toilet and left the door open because no one was awake (or, so he thought). By the time he had finished what he had to do, he saw a ghost walk though my sister's door (I was sharing a room with my other sister).

My dad walked back into his room thinking, "Wait for it...any second now." All of a sudden, we were all awakened to the screaming of my sister. The rest of the night, she slept in my room with me because the ghost, we felt, liked me. The spirit never bothered me.

And so, she told my other sister and me what had happened. "I saw a light come through my door. I didn't take any notice because I was half-asleep. Suddenly, my bed was shaking like it was in an earthquake, and my cupboard was opening and slamming shut. All my posters were ripped down off the wall, and my mirror cabinet tipped over. Then, bang! I had a lava lamp thrown at my head!" It took us a while to get back to sleep but eventually, we did.

In the morning as we awoke, I slowly walked up the hallway and opened my sister's door to see if everything she had told us would match what I saw. She had also told us that while the cupboard was opening and slamming, she could see a little boy sitting at the bottom with his arms around his legs, tight to his chest, rocking back and forth.

Others who had lived in the neighborhood had tried to warn us about the house. "A long, long time ago, there were three victims murdered in that house," they said. After a few years, we got to know the three ghosts. There was an old man, two young kids, and the ghost of a little dog that slept under my bed. Every now and then, my dog would look under the bed and growl, then bolt out of my room yelping.

I must say that a lot happened in that house. We lived there for four years. Eventually, we left and moved into a brand new house, certain that there wouldn't be any ghosts in it (because it was new and without a history). But nearly every night, we would still hear footsteps up and down the hallway and see flashes of light or a moving dark shadow.

True Ghost StoryThat is my ghost story, so far. I will gladly tell you more but at another time, maybe. Good day. Remember, if you bump into a ghost, show no fear.


(Photo courtesy of Sternenrauschen)