Poltergeist Ghost Story

from Darryl "Dawnie" Thompson exclusively shared with Angels & Ghosts...

When I was fourteen and I was in the process of "learning," I had a fight with my brother the night before. I lay on my bed in my room getting more and more annoyed with the outcome of the fight. Books started flying across the room, with papers whizzing around everywhere.

The blankets were ripped off my bed. I could see it all happening, but it was as if I was not there, and couldn't respond. My body felt heavy, and I could not even talk.

I started to focus on my brother, and I was able to actually look through the wall at where he was bundled up sleeping. My thoughts were getting stronger and stronger and I could feel something happening.

I imagined him raising up, up higher, and then waking up and jumping out of bed, but from about seven feet in the air...and seeing the look on his face as he fell to the floor. I was so amused with it.

Then I heard my Mum scream out, "D'Dawnie, YOU STOP THAT NOW!" I heard a loud crash and a loud groaning noise. I was able to move again and I bolted out of bed, wondering what I had done to get screamed at!

My Mum, her face as white as a sheet, stood in the hall with the clothes she was taking into my brother's room, in a pile at her feet. She turned and looked at me, and said, "You're evil." I was most upset about that, and I asked in not a quiet voice, "What the hell did I do?!!"

As I ran to my brother's bedroom door, I was just in time to see his year 11 paperwork settle gently on the floor, and my brother in a crumpled heap, back facing the ground, half on and half off his bed (his legs were still on the bed, the rest of him on the floor), and moaning, "What happened?"

My Mum said "Rick was levitated to near the ceiling," and his things were flying round the room in a circle, and YOU are the only one who would play stupid tricks like that! (mum and I were never that close, I was a Daddy's girl)."

Of course I denied it, as any typical fourteen year old would, but I was made to stay in my room until Daddy got home. It was a Saturday...ugh!

I received a lecture from Dad, about conjuring up energies that could hurt others, as well as myself. I did learn my lesson, but I didn't like the look on mum's face, or being called evil! Dad didn't wallop me, and I lost a Saturday, which to a kid is THE day off school. I also had to apologize to my brother, but my Daddy did tell him that I was the one person in the world not to upset.

I did realise what I had done, that the energy I had used was wasted, and could have been used in a much better way; but at that stage, I still didn't think it could have been used in a more satisfying way.

Dad of course rang and spoke to my tutor, and I had to do a 3000 word essay on poltergeist energy and how impossible it is to control, and as such, dangerous.

That was the first and last time I did that...