Ouija Board Ghost Stories

Read Ouija Board ghost stories... So many people have reported having bad Ouija Board sessions and seem eager to share their stories of ghastly encounters. 
The official, commercialized board for contacting the dead is sold as a game and is used to divine answers for fun. But, sometimes, it is possible for ill-spirited ghosts of people to come through the talking board, instead of enlightened spirits.
Ouija board ghost stories often tell of ghostly activity experienced during or after the users of the talking board hold a seance-type session in an attempt to contact the dead. Many ghost investigators believe using the Ouija Board to contact the deceased is not a good idea.
Ouija board ghost stories became popular in the late 1890s during the rise of Spiritualism. Ghost stories of people attempting to contact their loved ones lost during wartime still surface today. The Ouija Board has also been used by mediums to progress into automatic writing and full mediumship. This has produced books of stories concerning the messages given by ghosts.

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