Krystal's Ghost Story

When my family and I first moved into this house - which was about seven years ago, we had no intention on finding or experiencing spirits. But, when my two little brothers went into the bathroom on the day that we moved into our new house, they both saw an old looking female ghost in the bath tub. When I was seven, I didn't understand anything about spirits; but now that I'm older, I'm learning, feeling, and speaking to spirits.

My mom and I have an Ouija board and we use it to talk to the spirits that once use to live/own the house that we're in (the same house with the bath tub spirit). We've talked to three spirits so far: Roy Erb and his wife; and our landlord, Jack Bird. I soon realized that by talking to them, it's keeping them from crossing over. So, I did a seance to send them on. I haven't used the Ouija board since.

When I was talking to Roy Erb one night, I asked him if there were any bad spirits in my room - because I've been getting some bad vibes in my room whenever I go up there. He said, "Yes." But after talking with Roy, I didn't have those feelings ever again. I didn't even have to tell the bad spirit off or anything. It was as if the bad spirit knew, that I knew, that it was there, so it decided to leave.

My mom was just taking some photos of her Harley Davidson, her husband with his elk, and some stuffed elk at a place in Montana, when she noticed some white orbs in the pictures. She has never seen these paranormal objects in her pictures before. There were orbs around her husband's head and around her Harley. After seeing these orbs, my mom decided to take pictures around the house to see if she could pick up on any. She had my brothers and I stand in different places of the house while she took the pictures to see if any orbs would be around us. She uploaded the pictures to the computer, and noticed one orb above one of my brothers' head, and another above a poster on my wall - these orbs were in my room. Of all the pictures that we took (of mostly every room), there were only orbs in my room.