Paranormal Phenomena Ghost Story

Ghost story by John Austin...

My name is John Austin, and I am a laser operator for a micro-electronics company here in Rhode Island.

For the last 10 years, I have been living with the most extreme paranormal phenomenon that is known. This isn't the random routine noises of the night, or seeing an object move an inch 5 years ago. This is something that is the most intelligent, non-physical being that I've ever researched from anyone. And from what I've read, activity close to this goes back to Roman times.''

This activity happens on a daily basis, multiple times a day, for months at a time. Now when you see television shows of the top 10 most haunted places in America, the claims and activity that occur at these places do not come close to what happens in my home.

Why this happens, I'm not sure.

I've been experiencing paranormal phenomena since I was about 6 years old. From voices of men, women, and children, to seeing shadows and small objects moving, I've witnessed it. It all subsided throughout my teenage years, up until my early twenties. I'm 33 now.

For the last nine years, I've been involved with my own paranormal research. I've been investigating inns, mills, businesses, private residences, armories, museums, newspaper companies, historic buildings, and even my city's government building. I started staying at haunted inns nine years ago with my wife. The reason for doing this was to see if I was really crazy.

People I talked to about the paranormal things I had been experiencing said I was crazy. This was during a time when people were still not as open minded about beliefs in ghosts. But every place that I went to, things would happen. I don't know if I'm haunted, or if possibly I have some connection with something that we as people don't know too much about. For the last 10 years, I've kept it a secret until recently. I've been studying this rare phenomenon in privacy for many years. And though it has not hurt anyone, after you read some of things it does, it could very easily hurt someone if it wanted to.

I didn't want people to know what I was doing or have a bunch of crazy people knocking on my door or harassing my family. Now I am ready to share this as long as its used as an educational tool, because it proves there is life after death with intelligence; and I may have the best knowledge and understanding of this paranormal phenomenon due to the fact I've been able to study it for a decade.

It has different levels of emotions, and it does get mad. I know its triggers; its aware of everything. I can verify that the tools used in paranormal research like EMF detectors and temperature fluctuations are not speculation. I know this because I am able to take atmospheric readings during activity and right after. And I have pictures of it manifesting and pictures of real orbs. Not the reflections of light off of dust or water moisture that thousands of people claim is paranormal.

Some of the Paranormal Phenomena I've Experienced
Chairs are flipped over. Night tables are moved, and chairs with wheels are rolled across the room. All of my kitchen cabinets are opened; drawers to dressers and bureaus are opened. The entity trashes a room in my basement that I use as an office where I examine pics, audio and video footage of places that I go. It throws objects. It threw a 2" washer at my friends face after being sarcastic towards it. It also closed his hand in a camera stand which cut open the webbing in between his index finger and thumb. It's spoken out loud five times. Two of those times it told me and a friend to be quiet. It barricades the bottom of my basement stairs with wood, and other objects.

The spectre has showed itself to me in complete form. It was a figure of a person; and when I looked into its face, it was the brightest and purest of all light that I had ever seen. I can't even put it on a color spectrum. It plays pool, whistles, and hums songs. It takes pool balls out of my pool room and places them on the floor in the room it trashes. It trashes this same room, sometimes, four times a day. And it will do this within minutes of each other.

Two weeks ago, it took a 70 pound 27 inch television and flipped it upside down four times within 20 minutes. Last Friday, it flipped over my couch in the living room. And to date, that is the largest object it has moved. Shadows are seen throughout the house. People used to come over every weekend just to experience things. It shuts the light off on you while you go to the bathroom. Two o'clock in the morning it will turn on the radio downstairs and blasts it, sometimes, three times in a night. When I have to go down to turn it off, the room will be so cold that you can see your breath. And I will say, that does freak me out. It has taken cans and stacked them into a pyramid after I asked it to do so one night before I went to bed. I went downstairs the next morning and there it was.

About four weeks ago in front of my friend and I, there were noises coming out of a garbage pail downstairs in my office room. My friend said, "Do you have a mouse in there, man?" because it was loud. In fact, it sounded like something was trying to scratch its way out of the pail. When I looked over the top of the pail, nothing was in there. Then the noises stopped. So I took a device called a Mel-8704, which measures EMF fields and records temperature fluctuations, and as soon as I held the device over the top of the pail, a zip lock bag that was folded and sticking straight up out of the pail started to spin around 360 degrees in a semi-awkward and slow motion. It did three complete rotations until it stopped after about 30 seconds.

I can go on and on about what it does. It would take me weeks to type all of the paranormal phenomena down.