Poltergeist House Disturbance

A house is disturbed by a poltergeist...is it a ghost? And if so, what does he or she want?

by Keith Linder

With so much activity summer and fall of 2014, it just didn't feel right staying home on Halloween night.

My girlfriend and I went to a Halloween party and tried to stay out as long as possible. Around 2am, we returned home and what we found floored us!

Every cabinet door was opened - again. This has happened so many times and even now we still can't get used to it. Wine bottles in my wine rack were re-positioned or spread out on the floor. The couch and love seat were flipped upside down. Tables were found upside down.

We have a wooden cross hanging in the living room. I bought it from Goodwill, weeks prior, and hung it up in the living area as a sign of protection. When we got home, it must have been one of the first things I noticed based on the edges being burnt and scorched. It's now missing.

Puddles of water, about the size of a silver dollar, were eerily scattered throughout the kitchen floor. I didn't know what that meant the night we discovered them, but research online, and speaking with others, helped me to learn that mysterious puddles of water are, indeed, a rare poltergeist-related phenomenon. Questions still remain as to how that is even done and what it might mean.

More Behind This Poltergeist Haunting

For the majority of 2014, we had strong activity - what we now know to be a very stubborn elusive, but powerful poltergeist.

We moved into a new home May 1st, 2012 and immediately soon after began having weird events. Things started out slow, like hearing a kid cough (we have no children). After that we started waking up to find all the cabinet doors open. All the doors downstairs were open when we got up and left for work each day.

A few weeks after it began I started noticing I had stuff missing: car keys, coffee cup, shoes, etc. My girlfriend began noticing her items were missing, too, but we both shrugged it off.

Then after two months of living in the home, one night, while watching TV together, our plant, (approximately 4 feet tall) that sits next to the TV and entertainment center, rose up in the air and fell over. It literally floated upward, turned 360 degrees and keeled over. Soon after, the banging began and the haunting worsened.

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