Scary Ghost Stories From My Life

from Elly...

Well, all I have to say is that I was not a believer in ghosts. But, after my very first encounter...yea, I’m definitely one now.

My very first encounter was at my 16th birthday sleep-over, and the girls thought it would be fun to buy an Ouija Board from a local store called Spencer’s. I told them from the very start, if anything happens, you are all going home. The party started without a hitch and was going great…until I had to go the restroom.

When I finished my business I turned to wash my hands as I looked at the mirror I noticed something very, very disturbing. My hazel eyes had become a very bright green and my image smiled at me not just any regular smile but one with wicked intent. As the image began to move it began to tear its face off in the mirror. I was petrified and turned and ran hysterically from my bathroom and told my mother to call all of their parents to have them go home.

After that night I have never had another encounter with the green-eyed ghost that looked like me. But now, I think maybe it was her warning not to play with things we don’t understand. My second and third encounter was at my very first security position at Seattle, Washington's Pacific Place Mall. I was doing the nightly wand patrol, scouring the building for these little, silver buttons we had to scan with the wand. One of the silver buttons was placed in a very, very far back hallway inside a very creepy stairwell. I noticed every time I walked back there my hair always stood on end, but nothing ever really happened.

One particular night, not only once but twice, I received a pretty good scare. I had walked back into the long hallway (with the same hair standing-on-end feeling like always), opened the door to the stairwell and checked the dark cubby hole behind the door. Then, I heard three, very distinct footsteps to my left coming from the stairs. I looked over to find a very dark, but very distinct shadowy figure standing not three feet from me on the very top step. Immediately, I turned and ran the whole way back to the security officer on the bottom floor. I proceeded to throw the wand at the nearest officer and told them to finish the wand patrol, since I was not going to!

My supervisor pulled me outside for a quick smoke break, as I was a very pasty white, and asked me what had happened. I told him what I had seen, and he laughed at me. What I thought was an eventful night coming to a close, soon changed. We received a call not too long after my ghostly encounter from the Solstice Sunglasses store on the third floor. My security supervisor and I hiked it to the third floor and sat in the back room with one of the sales managers, who told us we needed to see something. She pulled out a disc labeled, “Ghost” (Ha, ha, ha, ha. Yea, it gets even better).

The way the store is set-up there are five tables: one set-up in each corner of the store, and one big one right in the middle; plus the long check-out counter in the back. The movie on the disc began to play and a very dark and distinct (but very familiar) dark figure walked across the screen from the front entrance, proceeding to walk though the middle table and stop dead. Looking straight at the camera, the figure proceeded to walk out of the frame and through the front counter. I then screamed hysterically and ran from the room and ended up back in the security office.

Not too long afterwards, my supervisor came in and asked me what had happened. Not only did he see the figure in the movie like I did, but I told him it was also the same man I saw in the hallway. He finally stopped laughing.

From that day on, I never had another encounter while being at that site, but it was very, very interesting.