Creepy Night Ghost Story

from Rodney Hummel

It was August of 1988 and my aunt Gaylene wanted me to watch her four year old twins while she and my mom went out dancing.

We lived in Berwick at the time and my aunt was renting part of an old doctor's house in Wapwallopen.

I later found out that this house used to be a doctor's office - a Dr. Santee, a supposed devil / occult worshipper who had been dead a couple of years. The new owners were renting out the house.

I arrived at the house around 8 pm and the kids were just going to bed after their baths, so my job was going to be easy: sit around and watch TV. Mom and my aunt Gaylene left so it was just me and the kids alone in the second floor apartment. At first, it was quiet except I kept hearing a baby cry. When I would check the kids, they were fast asleep and the apartment empty.

I looked all over the house and it seemed to be coming from inside the wall; only problem being that the wall was only three inches thick and

separated the living room and the kitchen. When I would approach the wall, the sound would go away, and when I went to sit back down the sound would come back.

So, I started to get a little creeped out and hoped mom would come back early from the bar and take me home. Now, don't get me wrong. I am no wuss. At 15, I was 5'10" and 200 pounds, so I did not creep out easy; but this place was old and was only lit by wall sconces. Even when the lights were on it was still dim.

Somewhere around 11pm I heard a cat's meow coming from the kitchen. I did not remember my aunt saying anything about having a cat, so I went to investigate. I thought even feline company right now would be better than being alone. When I went into the kitchen there was nothing; no cat, no sound, nothing.

After looking around the room, all of a sudden I heard a baby giggle. I spun around expecting to find one of the twins and found nothing; but the giggle was getting closer. Maybe out of instinct (or fear) I looked up, and as I did I saw cat and baby footprints appear on the ceiling like they were walking side by side from one wall to the other.

This scared the hell out of me and I ran into the kid's room to check on them. They were still fast asleep, so I sat in the chair in the room with the door shut until my mom and aunt came back. As I heard them finally open the bottom door and walk up the stairs to the apartment, I came out of the room relieved to see them. It was now 1 am.

I started to tell them my story, and my mom looked at me in disbelief. My aunt just listened. When I was done she explained to me that she too had had a similar incident with the cat meowing. I took them into the kitchen to show them where it happened; and to my surprise, the footprints were still there going right across the ceiling and straight down the wall to the floor.

I had had enough of this and asked mom if we could leave right now. She said, "OK." As we were walking down the flight of stairs to the downstairs door, we turned around to say goodnight to my aunt; and as we did my mom and I saw a shadow behind her. Then she seemed as though she was pushed forward right down the stairs head first where I caught her at the bottom.

We helped her up, and she yelled, "Who the hell pushed me?" We told her what we had seen behind her. She complained her shoulder and wrist hurt and wanted to go to the hospital. She told me to go get the kids. We were leaving, not coming back, so grab alot of the kids' clothes. After we were done at the hospital my aunt had a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder.

After a week, we went back to the apartment and cleand it out, leaving for good. My aunt had lived there for a grand total of three weeks before the incident happened.

Even today that place still gives me the creeps 20 years later. I drive by every once and a while when I am in the neighborhood just to look at the place that gave me the worst scare of my life. It looks exactly the same.