Spooky Cottage Ghost Story

from Miriam Kearney

My husband and I, as well as my family were renting a cottage as a stop-gap before buying our new house. It was situated in the old part of our village in Dublin, Ireland. The cottage was part of an old farm. The home itself was warm, exept for our room. My husband and I picked this room as there was an en suite bathroom; the house being renovated in recent years. One night as we were falling asleep, I thought my husband called out to me. I answered, "Yes?" But he replied, "I didnt say anything." I just thought my ears were playing tricks, so I thought nothing further of it. A few minutes later, we heard a big crash in the en suite. We both got such a fright that we fought as to who would check it out. I finally agreed, and so turned the light on in the en suite. To my amazment, all the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles that were lined up on the side of the shower, were now somehow in the shower tray with a few of them being found in the sink (which was three foot higher than the shower tray).

There is no reasonable explanation for how the bottles ended up that way, as there was no possible way they could have moved on their own. We chose to ignore it, but days later as both of us were watching television in our room, we heard a noise outside of the window.

We pulled back the curtain, but nothing was there but an impression of a face that looked like someone had just been breathing on the window. My husband ran outside to check to see if anyone was there, as this cottage is quite remote, but no one was outside. Many other things happened while we were there, such as things having been moved, doors locking without key, and names being called out without anyone of us having called them. We all were scared at one point or another, so we had to move out before our lease was up.

I have plenty of other stories from this cottage, but I would be writing all day...