Shadow People & Lights

Shadow People & LightsHave you seen lights associated with shadow people?

If so, please read this account from Penny and write us about your experience concerning this phenomenon.

"I have a question for anyone who has seen shadow people.

I have seen shadow people and only once have I felt like they were menacing. I used to see them when I was young and never thought anything of it -- hadn't seen them for 20 some years.

Recently, I'm seeing them again. But after seeing them for a while, I started seeing lights...not really people shapes like the shadows seem to be, but a flash of light or an orb of light. (When I see the lights with the shadow ghosts), it's not always on the peripheral of my vision, but always kind of quick where you wonder if you really saw it at all.

Do you have any information on light beings? And other reports of this kind of things? And yes the shadow people did stop after I saw the lights a few times." - Penny

Thoughts About Seeing Lights at the Same Time as Seeing Shadow People

We are intrigued by Penny's story as we agree that most shadow people are not menacing and simply seem to be people in spirit who are still earthbound.

A good friend of ours witnessed a shadow form transform into a human apparition, indicating that shadows could be just how the human eye perceives some spirits as they manifest into frequencies of light that humans can actually see (e.g. visible spectrum).

With regard to the flashes of lights and orbs, we do know that plasma-type orbs exist that emit their own light, and it still remains a mystery as to what some of them could be. Researchers disagree about the nature of authentic orbs, some suspecting that when we see balls of light, we are glimpsing the human soul or, possibly, witnessing the manifestations of higher spirits - those elevated in consciousness who are with us in spirit.

From our field work, we are certain that other human spirits accompany ghosts, being there to assist them out of the earth plane if the ghost will heed them. Oftentimes, the higher spirits are ignored by the ghosts or even feared. Could spirits be the flashes of light Penny is glimpsing with the shadow people?

In some cases, benevolent spirits are successful in communicating with the ghosts they are trying to help and can lead them out of the earthly plane. If this were to happen while Penny was seeing a shadow person, we wonder if the shadows (ghosts) moving into the light could be what Penny has caught glimpses of - if so, very cool!

Write Us About Light & Shadows

Penny's description reminds us of this 'flash of light' video that was recorded by some friends of ours at a haunted location - it is a pop of unexplained light: 

Ghost Light Flash

We have to wonder if this is what Penny is seeing, possibly?

We would love to know if anyone else is able to determine the connection between the shadow forms and the light anomalies. If so, please write us if you have additional thoughts or experiences to share that may shed 'light' on this subject matter.