Shadow Static Phenomena

A gentleman can see and use shadow static, something that has power and can repel bad energy...

by Horus B.

This is just a mixed tale of what I've been through and some weird things I'm working on (or with). Hopefully you'll find this interesting, maybe inspiring you to share stories and experiences of your own.

Shadow Static PhenomenonStatic-like Energy
Lets start with the static that I see and move. Since I was young, I asked about a fuzzy static like thing that I always saw at night and that I see around other people, myself, objects, or places. I was told it was just 'snow blindness,' but I didn't believe it. My eyes have always adjusted to the dark very fast and can deal with changes from light to dark pretty well, better so, than most people I know.

To find answers, I looked into auras and spirituality, eventually, after I was older and had the Internet available. This led me down the path of meditation along with looking into various things from several religions. I had come to a point that I could move the static around my body and shape it to extentions of my body - and that made me happy. But it was also something very calming and soothing, to just have it be like water flowing around me calming and serene.

One day, while out hunting with my father, I was doing my usual habit of playing with my aura to relax me. So, I decided to take a leaf from the tree I was in and see what would happen if I tried to pour energy into the leaf and the draw from it. Being a leaf, I didn't think much of it; but after a while of holding the leaf and not feeling much difference, I looked at it and the solid green leaf had a dead brown spot from where my index finger and thumb had been. I repeated this two more times, picking leaves off the tree and making sure they were green at the start to receive the same result. I stopped trying this and decided I shouldn't gather energy from plants anymore since it looked like it killed them. I decided to stick with the air, land, and any other non-organic thing that generates energy.

Haunted Places
I have been to many places that were supposedly haunted but have never experienced things while there; but I have gone to people's houses who have told me that after I had been there all (supernatural) activities stopped for a few weeks before coming back. Now I make no claim to be a holy man or priest of any sort; I am just a curious person (which carries onto my next story).

Aura Reading
When I was 14 years old, I had my aura read to me. The results were blue and grey. I was shocked when I was told this (since in almost every spiritual belief the color grey is representative of harm, illness, pain, and death). I had noticed that within the next few years that several members of my family had gone to the hospital for various reasons; but out of the seven that were serious, I visited five - all of whom died within 48 hours. Those five had suddenly worsened in condition to the point of proving fatal.

Power Over Spirits?
What began as a partial joke, for me, turned to becoming information that hit my heart and made me evaluate myself as a person. A group of my friends and me were talking, and one of them brought up spirits not interacting with me and staying away from whereever I've been for several weeks. One of them who practices Wicca told me that things don't usually challenge other things that are stronger, also making the comment, "Maybe, you're just more evil than them." It might not seem like much, but I really did look through and evaluate myself. I don't do wrong on purpose or try to cause people pain. It just seems to me I was born with an unlucky aura; and so, I just try to stay positive.

Bigoted Ghosts: Haunted by Racists?
One of my best friends is a Christian living in a nearly 200 year old house and has had relatives of the past in the KKK. He himself is not hateful or a bigot but says the house is haunted. Usually, whenever any of our black or Hispanic friends go over there, they say that they feel like they're being watched and that there's something that feels really bad about the shed in their backyard.

One time when it was just him and his girlfriend (who is black), they had an alarming experience. They were coming home from school, and when they walked in and set their stuff down, they said someone shouted, "Get that n***** out of my house!" (There was no one in the home.)

Shadow Figure and the Grey Aura
My girlfriend says there's a shadow figure in her room a lot and that she has had many vivid nightmares of horrid dark masses hurting and consuming her.

One time, while cuddling with her in her room, she fell asleep laying on my chest. I was enjoying myself but, then, the room got cold. She got an expression of pain on her face. I looked up, and in part of her room, an odd shadow figure was there. It felt very dark. Now there are very few times I have actually tried to focus on my grey aura (since it is considered unhealthy), but this was one of those times. I focused, drawing all the aura I could from myself. The shadow being shifted backwards. I was angry, just about snarling with rage, and I couldn't explain it; but as I tried to draw more energy, it shifted back again and dissipated very rapidly.

Then, I calmed down but felt as if I had the slight sensation of numbness throughout my body that didn't go away for almost an hour. The shadow thing has not come back since, and my girlfriend says the house feels better now.