Hat Man Shadow Stories

More stories we have received about the Hat Man shadow ghost...a world-wide phenomenon.

Hat Man Witnessed by Multiple People

by Loren

How do I start this story?

Well, my siblings and grandmother, all who just happened to be spending the night, and I were having a little sleepover downstairs in the family room. We decided to stay up for quite a while as we watched TV and played cards.

At 11 or 12 pm everyone decided to go to sleep. So we turned off the TV and lights too, naturally; but that this point, we could tell something was off. The room didn't feel heavy, but we sensed something. This is when it got weird.

Hat Man Shadow Ghost StoriesAs we buried ourselves in the pull-out couch, we all instantaneously saw in the corner of our eyes (our peripheral vision) a shadow; but not just any shadow. Nooo, this was a pure-black entity that stood out from the darkened subtle hazes of the room. He wasn't showing us a threatening aura or anything. He just stood there.

What's weird, however, is that we saw him in the mirror. Like I mentioned before, because we saw him instantaneously, we also instantaneously screamed. What's stranger is that we could only see him in the mirror and nowhere else. He wore a hat, not a top hat, but a hat about half that height with a long trench coat.

When we tried looking at him entirely, he disappeared without a trace. We couldn't choose between running or staying in the bed - all of us frozen by shock. After a few more seconds of thinking it over, we decided to haul ourselves out of there.

Being the supernatural and spiritual lover that I am, I was ecstatic about what I had just experienced. Real proof of a ghost! I did some research and it turns out that the experience was real.

I looked up the shadow people along with the tale that came along with them and now, 1-2 years later, I want to meet this gentleman, again. So I visit the mirror looking at it every so often and leave myself to my endless thoughts, wondering if I'll ever see him again (or not).

The Hat Man Shadow Ghost Touched!

by Louise

I have an experience with a shadow person I wish to tell you about and how I actually touched the shadow man.

I couldn't sleep in my bed, as it was too hot, so at 3:00 a.m. I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. I was lying on my back still trying to get to sleep, about a half hour later, when all of a sudden I got the distinct feeling there was a man standing in the doorway behind me. It felt like the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was petrified.

Somehow, as weird as it sounds, it was like I was out of my body and, from across the room, when I saw this shadow man - blacker than black - standing in the doorway. I have never in my life felt such evil emanating from anything.

He was wearing a trench coat and a hat. The trench coat was slightly open and, in the middle of his body, a mist was churning. As I stared at him, all of a sudden he seemed to fold in half and flip back open and was in the air. I was back in my body on the couch and he was hovering over me, full length. All I could think of was he was either going to rape me or wanted to enter my body to possess me.

I fought him off with all my might, kicking my legs and pushing so hard at his chest that my arms were shaking. It (the hat man) was solid and no temperature difference in comparison to me, just hard. I lifted my head to scream and found I couldn't; but with this movement, he just disappeared. As terrified as I was, I fell into a very deep sleep almost immediately.

The main feelings I had during this 'attack' were intense fear at the evil coming from this thing and knowing I had to fight it off with everything I had in me.

This event occurred about nine years ago, and his hat was what I call "Dick Tracey" style (possibly a fedora?), i.e. the brim was quite small. Also, I could not see any facial features, just solid black - blacker than black, in fact. Nor did he have his head down.

At first I thought this must have been a dream but what kept bugging me was the fact that I felt I was awake the whole time and knew exactly where I was - nothing in the room had changed like it does in a dream.

After two weeks I Googled shadowy figures and, to my absolute surprise, up popped many stories and images of them. I have yet to read a story though of anyone actually touching one of them but know people often feel they are being 'pressed'.

I contacted a paranormal medium and author online that same day, and recounted my experience as I was scared of having another occurrence. She told me she had heard of them before, no one knows what they are, but she has never heard of anyone being physically harmed. She also said to say a prayer before I went to sleep and to keep a night light on if that made me feel more comfortable. He never did come back and I hate to dwell on it too long in case it somehow brings him back.

We built this house ourselves so I know there have been no deaths in the house before we bought it.

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