Crawling Shadow Form

Crawling Shadow Form Ghost Story

This shadow ghost account is quite interesting as it may reveal that some shadowed forms can be the ghosts of children...

from Michelle

We moved into our house three years ago.

I would tell my mom how I would see what looked to be a little girl in the hallway, peeking around the doorway into my bedroom.

At night time, when I was looking at the TV, I would see her out of the corner of my eye. I never would look (directly) at it. Almost every time I would see her, my husband would be asleep.

Everyone thought I was crazy until the time when my mom stayed at our home overnight. She said she woke up and saw me on my knees, crawling around her bed. She got up to see what I was doing but no one was there.

Do you think its a ghost or shadow person because I know it's something!

Publisher's Note
Shadow people are ghosts, according to the experiences we have received from witnesses and our own investigations of haunting.

In this specific case, the typical description of seeing moving shadows from the peripheral vision is described along with identifying the specter as a human form - the ghost of a young girl.