Shadow People Ghost Story

by Scutt (16 years old)...
One night, I was laying on my friend's bed while she brushed her teeth.  I turned my head and noticed a black shadow walk past her door into the next room.  I got up and said, "Are you done brushing your teeth yet?," thinking that it was her.  I heard a voice say, "Not, yet!," but it was coming from the bathroom.  I turned and walked into the room where the shadow had gone, and to my surprise the shadow was standing in the corner just looking at me like I had caught it doing something.
Ever since then, I have been noticing strange images and noises.  Like one other night I stayed at the same friend's place, I was sleeping on the second bed that she had in her room.  I woke up and noticed I had dropped my pillow, so I picked it up and fell back asleep.  Then just hours later, I heard a voice say, "Tell her the truth!," (but I didn't quite understand what they were talking about, because I don't keep secrets from anyone).  So I got up, but there was nothing anywhere; so, I just turned over and dozed off (not falling fully asleep). Then, I turned over to my other side and opened my eyes.  To my horror, there was a lady all in black looking straight at me.  I screamed as loud as I could, and closed my eyes; and then opened them, but the shadow was gone.
Ever since then, I have never spent a night there again.