Seeing Shadows

Ghost story from Britt about a family who has the ability to see shadows...

My family sees what we call spirits though there are many names for them.

Shadows, usually you see them from the corner of your eye, correct? Well, we can see them anywhere. I believe that there is always a spirit around -- just more visible in the dark. They will only be seen if they want to be seen. I've seen much more than just human forms. I've seen animals and even cars that I thought were physically there until I looked back and realized it never was.

I want to share the story, something that occurred when I was three. I used to live in an old apartment building in what you would consider a bad neighborhood. It was probably midnight or maybe later, and I was laying downstairs on my livingroom floor right beside my dad.

I noticed a figure standing in the kitchen doorway. I thought it was my oldest brother, who at the time, was eleven. I thought he was just trying to scare me, and as a little girl, I was afraid of the dark of course. I began saying my brother's name several times. No answer. The figure was much taller than my brother, of course; but at the time I believed everyone was tall. It just stared at me with its eyes so red. It was something I had never seen before. It had a purple figure (for a body) and I just kept saying, "Glenn! Stop it! You're scaring me!" He never said a word. He just stared.

Ghost Story: Seeing ShadowsThe room was dark except the glare from the TV, and the room appeared to get darker and darker each time I said my brother's name. I hid my face in my father's arms and would look back -- and it was still staring at me. I began to panic. I nudged my dad and whispered so the man wouldn't hear, "Dad, there is a man staring at us." He looked up, sighed and said, "No one's there, honey. Go to sleep," I couldn't believe my dad. I said, "But, Dad! Look! He is staring right at us!" and I pointed to the man. Once again my father uttered in disbelief and fell back asleep. As I looked back, it felt as if the man was smirking at me. I was so terrified that I had tears trickling down my face. I slowly fell asleep covering my eyes to prevent myself from looking back.

I told my mother this story a few years after because it was something I could never forget. The shadow's eyes, red as blood. Once I had told my mom the story, she said that each of my brothers talked about seeing the same man standing in the front door looking at them.