Psalms and Shadow Ghosts

Jewish Psalms and Shadow Ghosts?Can books bring ghosts? One woman's shadow ghost account of how she rid herself of seeing them by removing a Jewish psalms book found in her home.

I feel it is my duty to post my shadow ghost story here in order to help other people and let them know what I did to get rid of them.

I had a problem in my kitchen with seeing shadow people out of the corner of my eyes. This problem went on for years. I prayed in the name of Jesus as soon as I saw them, and they disappeared almost instantaneously but always returned. I tried every kind of prayer I could.

In the end, I was washing my walls and preparing to paint them when I came across a Jewish Book of Psalms which a Jewish friend had placed on top of one of my cupboards. I looked at it and realized I couldn't read any of it and didn't know what it really represented. I burnt it in my fire that night. This was a few months ago now.

Since that night I have not seen a single shadow person and my daughter is no longer frightened of going downstairs in the dark.

I would like your readers to know that Jewish books of psalms are used in ritual magic ceremonies and can be used to place curses on people. I looked them up on the Internet and found that out. I was very surprised to learn that part of the Bible could be used in that manner. So they are very dangerous to have in the home.

This is fromĀ the website

"Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. If you brought any Indian or pagan religious artifacts into your home, you could be opening the door for demons to enter and bother the people within your home. Land can also become defiled by the sins of its owners. (Leviticus 18:27).

The remedy? Burn, destroy or get rid of any physical objects that you have located that could be cursed. Isaiah 2:18, "And the idols he shall utterly abolish." It is Biblical to burn cursed objects. Repent for bringing such objects into your home if you are responsible for them! Land can be cleansed by prayer and repenting of the sins of the previous owners."

In the past I have had many secular objects such as unChristian movies, charms and jewellery etc, in my home. None of them ever allowed demonic access to my home by shadow people. That only happened after I had a Jewish Book of Psalms put in my kitchen.

I'm not saying it is a good idea to have pagan objects in one's home. However I did not have any spiritual problems until I had that particular book put on my cupboard.Yes shadow people can be prayed away using the name of Jesus, but they should not appear in the first place. The fact they can appear indicates there is an object nearby and probably in the same room, which is allowing them access. This object must be destroyed by fire.

I really appreciate the work you have done in getting people to discuss shadow people and the reality of their existence. It is very important people realise the spiritual reality of the world we live in.

Our Thoughts

While we do not share the same view as Margaret with regard to Psalms, demons and Christianity, we do wonder about ghosts and cursed objects. And we do appreciate her experience. We wonder if there could there have been a ghost attachment to the book somehow?