Ghost Curses

Can ghosts cause a curse?

Curse of King Tut's TombLegendary curses have haunted us, making all of us wonder if it could be possible for such things to exist. Whether it be a sports team that can't win a championship or Presidents who die in office, our superstitious nature just may get the best of us sometimes. That said, let's ponder the idea of ghosts and their ability to bring about curses – can it happen?

Possible Cases of Ghost Curses
Let's begin by looking at a few more famous of curses and suppose that a ghost or ghosts might be behind them as some would suggest.

Curse of King Tut's Tomb
Supposedly, superstition prevailed with a curse that was said to be upon anyone who raided a Pharoah's tomb, and in the case of the boy ruler, Tutankhamun, weird, curse-like things did happen. Howard Carter who led the dig and discovery did not die – but many associated with him died after the tomb was discovered: his funder who died in Cairo, his assistant, his father and some of his relatives.

Could Egyptian ghosts have plagued anyone associated with Carter and brought around illness? Nobody knows but one might wonder.

Ghost Curses: RasputinCurse of the Romanov Family and Rasputin
Alexei, a hemophiliac and son of the Tsar Nicholas II was on his death bed when Siberian magician and cult leader, Rasputin, predicted he would survive a severe bleeding episode. After this, he gained favor with the family and told tales to the boy to comfort him. Eventually, he became too influential within the family and his assassination was ordered. A poisoning, a fall down a stairs, two bullets and drowning finally did Rasputin in; but not before he could curse the family, promising that they would all be dead within a year. And of course, they were assassinated less than a year later.

Did Rasputin, as a ghost, work behind the scenes to urge revolutionaries to bring about the execution of the Romanov family after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated his throne?

Winchester: Cursed by Ghosts?The Winchester Curse
A psychic-medium proclaimed that William Winchester, inventor of firearms, said from the other side of the grave that his wife Sarah must move out west and continue building what was to become the Winchester Mystery House – a place to house the spirits who had died from being shot by his weapons. The medium also claimed her husband was haunted by the dead who his rifles had killed and that their child also died from the ghosts that could not forgive him. If she stopped building, Sarah believed she, too, would become subject to the ghosts of people who had died from Winchester rifles. And so, the curse is legendary stuff.

Could the fallen have sought out William Winchester to kill him and his son and haunt his wife? Could ghosts be appeased by the continual building of a house?

Ghost Curse of Lemp MansionLemp Mansion: The Family Curse
Lemp Brewing Company grew big and fast in St. Louis, and the Lemp family enjoyed a rich lifestyle. Eventually, however, the business turned and the family fell to tragedy – specifically, tragic deaths. Different generations of the Lemp family had died in the old mansion, many of them from suicide. Some say they still haunt the home.

Could the ghosts of previous family members have haunted different generations or brought depression that led to their eventual deaths, too?

Some Thoughts About Ghosts and Curses
It is well known by ghost investigators that some ghosts have been believed to cause people to feel strange, groggy, ill or depressed when in their presence. But, a curse might be taking it to another level.

We have had people share their stories of being haunted – cursed by the ghosts of ex-husbands, enemies or unknown entities, etc., who seek to bring about their harm. Under threat from the ghost, the victim feels he or she cannot get free; otherwise, the ghost threatens to harm or even possess a loved one. Through use of threat or through attachment - possession, a few degenerate ghosts of have sought influence over their victims to get them to do their bidding.

Curses & GhostsCan Ghost Curses Be Real?
If we examine human nature, we know that we have the ability to either hold a grudge or forgive. We can choose to love or detest. And, we can hold onto the past or move to the present. Ghosts are very much attached the past earthly life, so this is the perfect stage for a few specters to dwell on past grudges.

If a ghost had a grudge what might he or she do? At a minimum, a vengeful ghost might hang around its foe, spying and hoping for the worst to befall the person. A hostile ghost might attempt to continually place negative thoughts into the mind(s) of those who are cursed. A retaliatory ghost might even attempt to continually frighten their rival or venture to enter their body. For the ghost understands that the body is just a shell and it is the spirit of the person that animates it.

And if those suggested theories were not bad enough, what about ghosts that can be created? Tulpas are ghosts created by Tibetan magicians that are said to be under their control. Through ritualistic creation of thoughts, Tulpa entities are brought alive and are known to be powered by the mind of the one who created them – until he or she has passed on. But, what if they could still be controlled by the magician even after his death? Might Tulpas be a possible way that ancient cultures created curses that lingered? Through use of the mind's power, we have to wonder if we consciously, or even subconsciously, bring to fruition the things we think and say.