Solar Storms & Ghosts

Solar Storms & GhostsWhat are solar storms in light of increased ghost activity?

A report broke on June 9th, 2010 that the sun is more active, meaning nasty solar storms would lie ahead for earth. Solar storms affect communication satellites. This means cell phones, GPS navigation, radio communications, and much more will likely be interrupted. Of course, this caught our attention as we know that an increase in solar storm activity also increase ghost activity.

What are Solar Storms?
Solar storms are produced after sunspots erupt on stars, such as the sun, spewing forth charged particles into space. Sunspots are powerful magnetic regions on the surface of the sun. Having been dormant for a long time, the cycle of sunspots appears to be gearing back up on the sun's surface. In 1989, for example, energized plasma particles from the sun's corona bombarded earth. This knocked satellites out of orbit and disrupted our planet's communication networks.

Even though normal communications will be disrupted, communications with spirits is known to become heightened during solar storms. The violent transfer of matter and energy from the sun to the earth changes the earth's magnetism. Solar flares, large explosions on the surface of the sun, accelerate electrons, neutrons, and some ions to the speed of light, producing a full spectrum of radiation. It is theorized that this increase in energy somehow helps ghosts and spirits to manifest or communicate better.

The June 2010 announcement of expected solar storms came at the cusp of a unique planetary alignment that occurred between June 13th and July 17th, 2010. We took special interest in these events, as communication with ghosts and spirits could have been heightened. July 11th of 2010 also added the extra effects of a solar eclipse - something else known to heighten the detection of ghost activity. We recommend that ghost investigators experiment with spirit communication methods, taking note of any increase in messages from the other side. Sightings of ghosts could increase during this time, too.

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