Planetary Alignment & Ghosts

Can a Planetary Alignment Make Contact with Ghosts More Likely?
Some have theorized in the past that when the planets in our solar system align, the effect of the gravitational pull may allow for better interaction with ghosts and spirits. In this article, we examine this idea because a major planetary alignment will occur beginning June 13th - July 17th, 2010. July 11th may mark the peak point for ghost activity, as a solar eclipse will also occur during this same period. Also see: 2014-2015 Solar & Lunar Eclipses.

Planetary Alignment & GhostsSome may believe that there is a higher probability of natural disasters when a planetary alignment occurs, but there no evidence to support this. In fact, the moon has more gravitational pull upon the earth than all the planets combined. The sun also exerts more gravitational force upon the earth than the planets, though not nearly as much as our moon. Tides are waves caused by the gravitational pull of the moon, as well as the sun upon the earth's surface. The unique alignment in 2010 will combine the forces of the moon, sun and six planets for a period of time slightly longer than a month.

The 2010 Planetary Alignment & the Paranormal
Walt Bissell, a self-taught theology student looking for bridges between worlds, contends that other dimensions are as close to us as our own thoughts. He had brought to our attention the 2010 planetary alignment and its possible enhancement of paranormal activity:

"Don’t wait until 2012 to experience a greater increase in paranormal activity. The sun, moon and planets are all coming to our aid in 2010. For thousands of years, man has known that planetary alignments foretell momentous events. On June 13, 2010, six of the largest planets in our solar system begin their procession into a balanced alignment. Along with the sun, their combined gravitational pull offers an enormous contribution to a phenomenal event. The alignment of planets will appear from earth like a straight line of six planets with the sun in the middle; Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury lined up on one side of the sun, while Venus, Mars and Saturn will be lined up on the opposite. The Earth will thus be perpendicular to this alignment, forming a giant T-shape."

"The completion of the alignment will be marked by a solar eclipse observed in the southern hemisphere on July 11, 2010. At this time the moon’s gravitational pull will join in with the others. The absolute cosmic elements (earth, water and the dense circular atmosphere) will be pulled toward the solar team of helpful celestial bodies reducing their effect."

"Since spiritual energies (ghosts) predominantly exist in the ethereal-field, they are not pulled away from the earth. The reduced pressure of the absolute elements and the subtle basic components will create a virtual playground for ethereal, energy vibrations. They will be free to group together and obtain added strength and increase their ability to contact us by as much as tenfold. Those of us working in the energy field of the paranormal should take advantage of this once in a lifetime event."

Gravitational pull of the moon on the earth...Gravitational Pull, the Moon & Ghosts
Might the added gravitational pull cause a more favorable time for sightings of ghosts, even enhancing our ability to communicate with spirits? There is some precedence to the idea of the moon positively affecting the ability for ghosts to be detected. Dr. Dave Oester from the International Ghost Hunters Society had this to say about the effects of moon phases upon ghost investigation and possibly why it happens:

"During the past sixteen years since we have determined that the lunar cycles affect the level of haunting, we have noticed that almost all active haunting occurs around the new and full moons or during peak geomagnetic fields caused by solar storms bombarding the earth with charged ions. We have personally observed from our own personal investigations that ghosts are more active during these lunar cycles. The members of the International Ghost Hunters Society have continuously reported that the full and new moons were also the best times for getting results during investigations. We stated this concept in 1994 when it was announced in our book, 'Haunted Reality.' Our theory has become the norm for successful investigations."

"It is my opinion that the reasons for increased ghost activities during the new and full moons result from the peak geomagnetic fields that is present during these two lunar cycles. The peak geomagnetic fields created from ionized particles bombarding the earth from solar storms provide the energy necessary for ghosts to materialize in this realm. The peak geomagnetic fields act in the same way as a battery does to a flashlight. It provides the energy source necessary for the flashlight to function. Ghosts need a source of energy to enable them to manifest in this dimension. Cold spots are a result of ghosts removing the heat from the surrounding air leaving a vacuum of cold air. The heat is energy that is absorbed by the ghosts to 'power up' in this dimension."

The Sun, the Planets, the Moon & Solar Storms
It is safe to say, based upon Dr. Oester's findings, that ghost activities should be increased during solar eclipses, as they can only occur during a new moon phase. (See Solar & Lunar Eclipses & Biblical Events.) We might add that any solar storms that arose during June or July, 2010 might have caused a heightened interaction between disembodied spirits and those of us in-body. Do you have a ghost story that took place during that time? Write us! (See Ghosts - Moon Phases & Solar Storms.) Add to this the planetary alignment of 2010, and we just might have had a fantastic time for communication with ghosts and spirits, if the theory of gravitational pull  and ghosts is correct. [2010 UPDATE: Solar Storms & Ghosts]

Mr. Bissell had this to add before the 2010 alignment, something we should heed for the 2014-2015 solar and lunar eclipses:

"Ghost investigators should polish up their ghost communication and detection skills. Prepare all of your monitoring equipment. Between now and then, brainstorming should occur to discuss all facets of paranormal investigation and how each person can take part in this upcoming event. This may finally be the time for collecting indisputable evidence of the paranormal."