64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

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Can ghosts appear in photos?

YES. Reports of ghosts in photographs began as early as 1856Check out our collection of ghost pictures we've received from the past decade!

Can ghosts answer phones?

NOT KNOWN. We have yet to receive an actual report of ghostly phone answering! But ghosts have been known to make calls to the living. Hear a real ghost phone call from the dead.

Can ghosts attack you?

YES. There have been many reports of ghosts pushing and scratching victims. So, it's a really good idea not to provoke or taunt a ghost. Read some real accounts we've received of ghost attacks.

Can ghosts be real?

YES. Ghosts are real. Heck, we've devoted an entire website to ghosts and spirits! But don't believe us. These ghost theories show that the existence of ghosts is plausible.

Can ghosts be scientifically explained?Can ghosts be scientifically explained?

NOT YET. Even if irrefutable proof existed, skepticism and cynicism within the scientific community make it difficult for scientific proof of ghosts to ever be considered. Still, there is hope as some scientists continue to push the envelope in the hopes of proving life after death. For example, in 2014, three scientists published a credible paper about parallel worlds theory that might explain the sighting of some ghosts.

Can ghosts be nice?

YES. Ghosts are sometimes very nice, friendly spirits. Some specters have been known to even have a sense of humor. Read a brief ghost story of an old man whose spirit was said to be nice.

Can ghosts be caught on camera?

YES. We have seen many entities captured in photographs. Take a look at this ghost caught on camera.

Can ghosts cross water?

YES. Sure - why not? Ghosts are only limited by their own mental boundaries. If we can cross water, so can phantasms. Legends of ghosts being unable to cross over water appear to be just folklore. Interestingly, some investigators have reported that flowing water over rock, such as quartz or magnetite, seems to produce or enhance ghost phenomena. Learn more about portal and residual haunting.

Can ghosts cause nightmares?

YES. Ghosts can haunt us in our dreams, sometimes, these ghost stories are nightmares. Don't believe it? Then, read this vivid dream ghost story!

Can ghosts come out during the day?

YES. Haunting can occur at any hour of the day. Some ghosts do prefer the cover of darkness but not always. There are no rules that say ghosts cannot come out during the day.

Can ghosts come into your dreams?

YES. We have had several accounts of ghost haunting dreams. A ghost named 'Emma' made herself known in a dream. Read the haunted house ghost story.

Can ghosts die?Can ghosts die?

NO. This should be self-explanatory. Ghosts and spirits are what many consider to be 'the dead,' the manifestation of the energy or 'soul' of a person that lives on. In the afterlife, there is no death, dying or loss. So, no...ghosts cannot die (again).

Can ghosts drain your energy?

YES. Many have reported being sick or remaining drained in homes where ghosts are said to reside. Ghosts can drain your energy.

Can ghosts drain a phone battery?

YES. Ghosts are often blamed for draining the energy out of batteries, especially during paranormal investigations. If true, then it would make sense that a cell phone battery might also be affected.

Can ghosts eat food?

NO. Although some cultures make food offerings to honor their dead, being disembodied, ghosts cannot actually eat food. Learn more about some of these traditions: Day of the DeadHungry Ghosts.

Can ghosts find their way home?

YES. But what do you mean by the word 'home'? Can ghosts find their way to their former residence? Can ghosts make their way to heaven or away from this plane? Yes and yes.

Can ghosts follow you?

YES. It is believed that hitchhiker ghosts can follow a person for a variety of reasons: an attraction, revenge, or for possible help. So, ghosts can follow you.

Can ghosts harm you?

YES. See ghost attacks above for more details... (Though not common, ghosts can harm you.)

Can ghosts have sex?

YES. Even though disembodied, some ghosts are believed to still have strong sexual appetites and may try to find gratification. Victims of sexually perverse ghosts have reported waking to an invisible, weighted presence on top of them (along with other more graphic descriptions). In cases of spirit possession, the ghost cohabitates another's body and could have sex while in-body, albeit a bit strange and unusual experience.

Can ghosts haunt new houses?Can ghosts haunt new houses?

YES. The age of a house does not determine whether or not it will become a haunt for spirits, though the more history associated with a place, the better chance of supernatural activity. Keep in mind, though, that a recently departed loved one could choose to take up residence with family or friends no matter if they live in a new or older home. Ghosts haunt new and old houses just the same.

Can ghosts imitate voices?

YES. It is believed that disembodied voices can vary, from growls to high pitched screams. It seems very plausible that mischievous ghosts could lie and even impersonate voices of the living. We have heard stories of ghosts calling people by name and in a voice similar to a family member (e.g. a mother might hear her son's voice calling her name). Creepy as it sounds, ghosts can imitate voices of the living.

Can ghosts interfere with electronics?

YES. There have been many stories about ghosts interfering with varying electrical devices. It is believed, in many cases, that their energy can be disruptive to electronic devices - the spirited disruption may be accidental or possibly on purpose. For example, we have had batteries inexplicably drained and electronics mysteriously malfunction while investigating haunted places with highly active ghosts.

Can ghosts interfere with phone calls?

YES. Phones are electronic devices, so it is possible for the haunting host to interfere or contact the living through such devices. There are people who believe they have received ghost phone calls from the dead. Learn more about Communication from the Dead.

Can ghosts influence your dreams?

YES. Ghosts and spirits of the deceased have long been known to haunt the dreams of the living. So, it would seem that influencing, messaging those whom they haunt, occurs more often than one might recognize. Who do you dream about? Are they still alive or have they passed on? Perhaps our dream states are the perfect time for communication with the dead. This black-eyed kid ghost story is a great example of what we mean.

Can ghosts kill animals?Can ghosts kill animals?

MAYBE. Truth be told, we just don't know if ghosts can kill animals. Ghosts are known to be able to make physical contact, such as pushing and scratching, but whether or not that would be enough to cause the death of an animal is only conjecture. Death by fright is a possibility for animals that are more frail.

Can ghosts kill other ghosts?

NO. Ghosts cannot die as they are eternal spirits. Therefore, it would be impossible for a ghost to kill another ghost.

Can ghosts kill you?

MAYBE. The answer would depend upon how a ghost might attempt to do so. Ghosts reportedly can make physical contact, such as pushing people or clawing them; but whether or not a 'spirit push' could become a shove to the point of death is only postulation. We know people who have been harmed by pushing to the point that the victim fell and got hurt. As another scenario to propose, we might assume that if a ghost possessed a person to the point of influencing their decisions, essentially overcoming the victim's mind and thoughts, it could be possible for a ghost to kill the host body (such as through suicide).

Can ghosts latch onto you?

YES. This is known as a 'ghost attachment.' The influence lost souls can have over the living will vary in strength. If a ghost does latch onto you, it's time to get help. Learn more about spirit possession.

Can ghosts leave blood?

NO. Not having a corporeal form (no body), ghosts do not have any flesh or the need for blood. Ghosts are spirits.

Can ghosts leave footprints?Can ghosts leave footprints?

YES. People have reported finding mysterious footprints or handprints at haunted locations that were not believed to be made by someone alive. So it might be possible that some 'tracks' are left by phantoms. Some ghost investigators will spread baby powder on floors to attempt to capture tracks or messages from ghosts.

Can ghosts lie?

YES. Ghosts are people, and people lie, make mistakes, and have a range of thoughts and emotions that guide them. So, why would it be any different in the spirit world?

Can ghosts move objects?

YES. Moving objects have long been associated with haunting. Some ghosts are thought to be able to move inanimate objects.

Can ghosts make you feel sick?

YES. People who reside in haunted dwellings often recount stories of feeling nautious, weak or, sometimes, being seriously ill. This can go hand-in-hand with attachment or possession by earthbound spirits. Ghosts can cause one to feel sick.

Can ghosts move items?

YES. See above: 'Can ghosts move objects?'

Can ghosts open doors?Can ghosts open doors?

YES. Whether or not a ghost can move a handle or a latch seems to be debatable, but there have been reports of ghosts opening doors for centuries. When doors to cabinets, cupboards and rooms are seen opening on their own, or by something unseen, it's been commonplace to believe the energy of a human soul, a ghost, is to blame.

Can ghosts open locked doors?

MAYBE. We have heard tales of doors opening on their own; but can ghosts undo locks? We suppose it might depend upon how difficult the lock mechanism is to manipulate and how adept the spirit is at interacting with our environment (while without body).

Can ghosts play music?

YES. But it depends upon what you mean by 'play music'? Ghosts have long been known to be able to turn appliances, such as radios, on and off. So items that play music certainly could be manipulated it would seem. Non-electrical music boxes and toys have also made chilling sounds on their own at haunted locations, maybe by spirit influence. Tales of invisible singing, humming and whistling have also been associated with some haunts. Could a ghost actually play a musical instrument, however? Maybe this is conjecture, but if the instrument used electricity (e.g. an organ), such musical devices could be operated to play notes.

Can ghosts possess you?

YES. Believe it or not, ghost possession is not well known and often thought to be demonic in nature. But becoming possessed by a ghost is a very real, frightening experience. Sometimes, it is called an 'attachment.'

Can ghosts protect you?

YES. Some ghosts are reported to be very protective of loved ones or even former possessions. Human nature is human nature, after all. If a ghost is fond of you, and if you are in danger, your spectral guardian may try and protect you. Learn more about Family Ghosts.

Can ghosts really hurt you?Can ghosts really hurt you?

YES. Pushing and scratching are the most common ghost attacks reported. Also, both mental and physical abuse can be suffered from ghosts according to those who have had the misfortune of experiencing such torment. Don't believe a ghost can hurt you? Read a real ghost story of a ghost attack.

Can ghosts read minds?

NO. But ghosts can influence our minds by gaining our attention and, thus, becoming front and center in our thoughts. Whether we choose, or not, to react in fear or make an attempt to understand what the person in spirit may want is solely our choice. Ghosts cannot read minds, but they can spy on you.

Can ghosts read your thoughts?

NO. But, it is believed that the presence of a ghost may influence our thoughts, especially if a person becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit. Read about Spirit Possession.

Can ghosts ring doorbells?

YES. Some who have been troubled by mischievous ghosts have shared stories of having their doorbells rang without anyone physically present at the door. This would be consistent with the belief that ghosts can influence electrical circuits.

Can ghosts see us?

YES. Of course, but it would seem that it depends upon the type of ghost. Ghosts that are non-reactive with the living might not really be alive but could be an environmentally-recorded, past event: a 'residual haunting' or 'psychic impression.' But, ghosts that do not react with us could also be mentally oblivious to us, meaning they might not be aware of the present or able to see us.

Can ghosts scratch you?Can ghosts scratch you?

YES. Sometimes we receive reports and photos of mysterious scratch marks appearing on people who have encountered angry ghosts. It is not the norm, but it does happen. This Hanover, Pennsylvania haunting had such a phenomenon occur.

Can ghosts smell?

NOT KNOWN. We can only surmise that if we do not have a nose of flesh, it is likely that we cannot smell. But who knows but the ghosts themselves!

Can ghosts scientifically be real?

YES.We know of plausible ghost theories that indicate, to us, that the existence of real ghosts and spirits is scientifically possible. For example, read Ghosts: Undiscovered Energy Theory.

Can ghosts talk to each other?

YES. Dependent upon the type of ghosts, it would appear that specters can communicate with one another. In fact, there are accounts of a ghostly 'pecking order' whereby a more dominant ghost may 'rule the roost,' so to speak, over other, submissive spirits. So, ghosts can talk to each other at times.

Can ghosts talk to you?

YES. Beyond hearing phantom voices, whispers and messages within dreams, people have noticed that mysterious ghost messages have shown up in audio recordings and through use of audio electronics, such as phonographs, radios and the like. It is also possible to tune out the noise of everyday life, get quiet and hear spirits without any external devices. You can learn more about these topics, here: Talk With Ghosts.

Can ghosts talk to you in dreams?

YES. And the messages may be uplifting or, othertimes, frightening. For example, T. Hawes had received both loving and cryptic dream messages from two different spirit messengers: Ghosts in Dreams Story.

Can ghosts text?

POSSIBLY. While there are stories of cell phone users receiving 'ghost texts,' no one knows for sure if these phantom messages are truly from spirits. There are other possible explanations (other than ghosts) that must first be ruled out (e.g. prank from a friend, phone service glitch, etc.).

Can ghosts touch?

YES. Being touched by a ghost is a common phenomenon associated with haunting. If you feel that something unseen has touched you, first, rule out cob webs, air drafts or any other natural occurrence that might account for the eerie feeling. Read more about this: Can a Ghost Touch?

Can ghosts travel?

YES. it has been well documented that ghosts may elect to follow people home. So, some ghosts will leave their haunts and travel. But what about if a haunted house is moved?

Can ghosts unlock doors?

MAYBE. See our full answer posted above, under Can ghosts open locked doors?

Can ghosts use phones?

YES. Read some reports of ghost phone calls from the dead or hear an actual ghost message left on an answering machine!

Can ghosts use the Internet?

YES. Well, at least there are those who say their computers have been haunted. Nikki Shears saw a ghost appear on her computer screen: Haunted Bedroom. Understanding that ghosts can use electronics to communicate with the living (called Instrumental Transcommunication), we would suspect that the Internet could be used to haunt or communicate.

Can ghosts understand different languages?

PERHAPS. If a person is multilingual before death, it would stand to reason that such a person would remain so as a ghost or spirit. So, we would weigh on the side of ghosts possibly being able to understand different languages.

Can ghosts vomit?

NO. Without having a body (or physical stomach), ghosts cannot eat and digest food (nor do they have bodily fluids, such as stomach acid or bile). Ergo, there is nothing for phantoms to physically discharge from their stomachs! However, if a ghost possesses a human body, it is possible for the possessing spirit to cause the victim to vomit.

Can ghosts visit you?

YES. Ghosts haunt, and ghosts visit. It is not typical that a person asks for a ghost to haunt them - they just do. Ghosts can visit any of us, including you.

Can ghosts visit your dreams?

YES. It is well known that spirit visitors can make their essence known in dreams. The sleep state is a time when we are more open to supernatural visitors such as ghosts. Read some real stories of ghosts in dreams.

Can ghosts write?

YES. Many believe so, and some writing from ghosts can be brought forth through psychics. See some examples of ghost writing or a ghost handwriting comparison.

Can ghosts whistle?

YES. Witnesses to haunting have sometimes told of hearing mysterious, whistling - unaccounted for sounds from what can only be presumed to be a ghost who formerly liked to whistle. It can happen, we suppose.

Can ghosts write notes?

YES. In one of the most notorious tales of haunting, the ghost of Borley Rectory purportedly wrote notes on walls according to famous ghost investigator, Harry Price. In automatic writing, it is believed that a spirit takes control of the medium's hand and writes ghostly notes from the spirit world.

Can ghosts write on paper?

YES. There have been a slew of reports of phantom messages being received by the haunted. Some have been cryptic notes written on paper; other messages were reportedly spelled out by using smaller objects to form words. It would seem that ghosts can find and use different ways to communicate with the living.