Communication From the Dead

Communication FROM GhostsHow to tell if a ghost is communicating with you...

A few people can perceive ghosts, becoming acutely aware of their presence through either sight, audible messages or a "knowing within." Often, we call such perceptive people, "psychic mediums." But for most of us, we need to become aware of paranormal activity to know whether or not a ghost is present with us.

Ghosts and spirits often make use of the physical environment to try and get our attention. Some reasons for communication from the dead might be to let us know that they are alright, maybe to warn us of danger, perhaps to offer sound direction and guidance for a situation that is of concern, or maybe, to simply say, "Hello." In any case, know that those on the other side are not "dead." They are disembodied; so this is why the method of communication from the dead is often frightening, or at least, peculiar to us. Below are some examples of what one may experience as communication from ghosts. Take note of any odd occurrences and remain open to the possibility that someone could be attempting to gain your attention.

Communication From the Dead: What You Should Look For
When ghosts are attempting to communicate, you may...
1) See an apparition.
2) Hear them...for example making noises around the home.
3) Smell them...a specific scent that reminds one of them.
4) Receive gifts that one may know was from them.
5) Sense or feel their presence as chills or goose bumps.
6) Sense their touch or maybe a hug.
7) Experience visions or dreams of the deceased.
8) Experience electrical disturbances such as lights blinking, telephones ringing for no reason, doorbells ringing, etc.
9) See impressions on furniture or bed as if someone is (or was) sitting there.
10) View photographic anomalies - orbs, ectoplasm and apparitions appearing in pictures.
11) Have missing items, such as books, jewelry, personal items.
12) See objects moving in the home.
13) Experience strange coincidences or symbols - such as thinking of the deceased person and coming into contact with things or people that remind one of them. Thoughts other than your own are ghost voices.
14) Watch for balls of light energy visibly moving in the home called "orbs."
15) Receive a phone call from the dead.

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